A solution for cellulite

January 17, 2006

A solution for cellulite

Endermologie is a non evasive, scientifically developed treatment that was originally developed for regenerating burnt and scarred skin. It works by gently lifting and rolling the skin, helping to detox the body of excess toxins and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. In addition to decreasing cellulite, it can also be used initiate a change in body shape such as decreasing the waist or the gap between the legs, improve circulation, rehabilitate muscular tissue and repair blemished or scarred skin.

It might sounds daunting, but the process of receiving Endermologie is incredibly relaxing. On the day I arrived for my first treatment, I was frazzled and stressed. It was about 35?C outside, I had just received a parking ticket and I was suffering from a wee hangover. Ten minutes into the treatment, my cares were fading away as the discs rotated up my back and over my legs and bottom. The feeling is similar to an electric massager with different types of vibrations for each stage of the treatment. As the treatment only takes 35 minutes, it?s simple to just pop in during your lunch hour or on the way home from work.

Now for the important bit: does it work? On average, it takes around 20-30 treatments to receive results from Endermologie so it?s difficult to tell from just a few treatments, however the important thing I noticed was an increased awareness in health and wellbeing. Endermologie clinics believe a balanced diet and exercise program is essential to assist the progress of the treatment. Simple things such as walking an extra 20 minutes a day, drinking a few more glasses of water and limiting tea and coffee intake can make huge differences.

These changes weren?t lost on some recent Endermologie clients. One clinic to offer Endermologie is Bodytech Health Clinic in Mackay. Founder and owner Sandy Webster said a recent 45-year-old client lost 34cm from her target areas in just six weeks. Sandy said: ?I asked her whether it has been hard to achieve, and she said she didn?t change her routine very much at all. All she did was drink more water, start walking a few times a week and of course, Endermologie?.? Sandy believes it?s these little changes in diet and exercise coupled with regular Endermologie? treatments that can make a huge different to the body.

Endermologie has been known to improve more than just physical aesthetics. Owner of Sunshine Coast?s Revival Wellness Clinic, Steve Alexander, says: ?We?ve got a lady in her 70s who suffers from a bowel condition called diverticulitis. Although she didn?t begin Endermologie? for this illness, she has noticed that the pain has been relieved dramatically. She is also experiencing a lot more mobility and less body pain, all of which she puts entirely down to Endermologie?.?

C8 Endermologie has around 130 clinics Australia-wide. Treatments cost between $120 to $160 and 20 to 30 treatments are recommended to achieve optimum results. Results are maintained with a tailored maintenance program to suit the individual?s needs. For more information, call 1300 368 688 or visit www.c8-endermologie.com.au

By Bliss Baker

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