Abrand Denim Winter Outfit Ideas

June 2, 2015
Abrand Denim Winter 2015 Campaign

Just because the winter weather is coming around, doesn’t mean you should be living in tights and tracksuits! Abrand presents a fresh, new way to stylishly wear your denim all year round. So, if you’re looking for a way to re-vamp your winter wardrobe, then this label could be just what you need.

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Launched in 2013 by Melbourne based denim house Three by One, Abrand blends design with impeccable fits and superior quality to create a collection where originality meets timely style. The new winter collection titled Repent is all about the darkness which exists inside all of us – “the best sinners are those who repent. We celebrate that darkness, we are inspired by those who are truly black – the rebels, the fighters, the poets, the painters who use their darkness to create something great.”

Abrand Denim Winter 2015 Campaign

As an independent brand, the label draws inspiration from these people and these values in their denim; traditionally the warp – which is the lengthwise top layer of vertical yarn –  is dyed indigo, whilst the weft – the horizontal yarn – is dyed white. Abrand’s Repent range sinfully goes against tradition by dying the weft black, resulting in truer, darker colours.

Featuring a strong collection of classic denim pieces, you’re bound to find something which fits seamlessly into your wardrobe. So, here is a couple of our favourite picks:

Blue jeans

High skinny jean, $99.95

This is the perfect pair of jeans since it sucks everything in, and can be worn from morning to night. A cosy turtleneck jumper and sneakers is best for the day, while something a little more sophisticated such as a blazer and heels works best for the evening.


Black coated jeans

Blade Runner, $129.95

For more of a serious look, why not try the coated style? It features a high rise skinny leg with a black wax finish and zippers on the ankles, meaning you can easily alter the length to suit your choice of footwear.


What are some of your favourite styles this winter?

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