Acai Berry Hype

June 8, 2010

Açaí Berry Hype!

So have you heard the buzz about the Açaí berry?

1. Picked from the Açaí palm trees in the Amazon rainforest of South America, it’s a berry that’s been used for centuries to heel and nourish in foreign lands.

2. It tastes a little bit like raspberry and a little bit like chocolate – read: delicious – and its main selling point is that it packs a humongous antioxidant punch. It contains double the antioxidant power of blueberries, just to give you an idea. That’s a lot! What’s the point of antioxidants? They aid in reducing the signs of ageing, stress and pollution.

3. It’s commonly thought to help weight loss. Basically, because it’s so rich in fibre, it’s a great energy and cleansing food and is perfect for those on a diet or wanting to stay fit. (It helps that it has a chocolate taste too…)

4. It’s not just good for your body, but also for your mind. It contains Linoleic which is a polyunsaturated essential fatty acid which is really important in ensuring the optimal function of the bran and eyes, and also lift sexual energy!

5. You can buy it in various forms from mostly health food stores and online: capsules, concentrate liquid or in a dried or frozen form, which is fabulous to sprinkle over your cereal in the mornings.

There are so many Açaí ‘miracle’ products on the health food market, it’s difficult to know where to begin or what to believe. The latest product to hit Australia that has caught our eye is from a brand called ‘Amazon Power’. Run by a group of Brazilian friends who came to Australia in the 90s, they’ve created a no nonsense range of authentic products: from Açaí powder, coffee and pulps to specially packaged cereals and bars.

Visit for more info and a list of stockists.

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