What Does Your Acne Mean?

August 5, 2014

Ever wondered why that blemish on your jaw keeps popping up every few weeks, or why your cheeks are constantly red and acne-prone? The location of pimples has a lot to do with what’s happening on your inside – this includes the food you eat, alcohol, soft drinks, refined sugar and even that time of the month. Face mapping can easily determine which part of your body is causing the skin on your face to completely betray you and break out into spots, or in some cases, even serious acne.

1 and 2: Digestive System

The area on the forehead is usually set off by consuming too much junk or highly processed food which immediately disturbs the digestive system. Too much food which is high in refined sugar, makes it difficult for the body to break down. Instead, drink more water and opt for cooling foods such as cucumbers to de-stress your skin.

3: Liver

Breakouts located right between the eyebrows and the beginning of the nose are usually from consuming too much dairy, alcohol and junk food which can irritate healthy skin. This is also the first sign of possible food allergies, so be sure to monitor this area of your face if you notice any irregularities. Make sure to engage in some light exercise at least 1 hour a day, and have enough beauty sleep to combat these breakouts.

4, 5, 7, 8: Kidneys

Irritability and zits around, under or on the eyelids are directly linked to dehydration. Make sure to have at least 1.5L of water each day, and cut down on soft drinks which contain large amounts of unnecessary sugar. This will also decrease the visibility of dark circles under the eyes.

6: Heart

Ever had an annoying pimple on the bridge or very tip of your nose? These are often too difficult to cover with concealer, and feel painful as well. To avoid these kinds of breakouts, make sure to check your blood pressure regularly, and increase vitamin B levels. Whole grains, fish and vegetables are packed with vitamin B and will help to fight any future breakouts in this area. Also, try and replace bad fats with omega-3 and omega-6 ‘good fats’ instead. These are healthy for the body, and include avocado, nuts and flax seed which are easy to incorporate into your meals.

9 and 10: Respiratory system

This is the most common area on the face where people have breakouts, especially in relation to food, drinks and allergies to ingredients found in various makeup products. The effects of smoking and allergies would show up on the cheekbones and lead all the way to the nose. Instead, go out and get some fresh air, avoid foods which make the body acidic, and regularly clean your phones and change your pillowcases. Built-up bacteria have the ability to cause some seriously painful breakouts in this area of the face.

11 and 12: Hormones

Jawline and right under the lips is where hormones will usually wreak havoc on skin. Stress and hormonal changes are often unavoidable, but getting enough sleep, water and exercise will help to keep breakouts under control.

13: Stomach

Often mistaken for hormonal changes, the chin is actually attributed to stomach and digestion problems. To avoid these kinds of breakouts, drink plenty of water, green tea, and avoid processed foods.

14: Illness

Pimples and inflammation on the neck area are a sign that the body is fighting bacteria. Avoid stressful situations, take a break and enjoy something relaxing such as a yoga class to get your body back on track.

Image via The Beauty Gypsy

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