Adopt a Dolphin!

November 30, 2004

Adopt a Dolphin!

There are eight bottlenose dolphins on the Adopt a Dolphin project and they live in the Port River Estuary in Adelaide; virtually in the heart of a city of a million people. WDCS funded researcher Dr Mike Bossley has been studying this population of bottlenose dolphins since 1987 and has photo-identified over 300 individuals. Each dolphin has name to reflect its personality.

Mike identifies individual dolphins by the shape of their dorsal fin and the unique scratches and marks on their skin. Once a dolphin has been identified, they can be tracked from month to month and researchers can follow their movements. Photos are taken of their fins on a regular basis because, like people, dolphins change as they grow, and new nicks and scratches can appear on their dorsal fin at any time.

The research work of Dr Bossley is helping us to better understand the lives of these fascinating animals, and the threats that could threaten their long-term survival.

WDCS is helping to protect the whales and dolphins around Australia and the world from the wide range of threats they face including climate change and habitat loss, over-fishing, noise and chemical pollution, marine debris, captivity, harassment, ship strikes and whaling. By understanding and protecting populations and habitats they are helping to conserve some of the world??s most endangered species, such as the blue whale, for future generations.

Adopting one of these wild dolphins helps to support their conservation work. Through a special link with an individual animal adopters are helping to build a safer future for all whales and dolphins. An adoption also makes a unique and unusual gift idea for friends and family.

Adopting a dolphin costs from only $5 a month and adopters receive:

– A picture of their adopted animal and information to help get to know them
– A personalized adoption certificate
– Information on their animal and the WDCS Adoption Program
– ‘Welcome to WDCS’ brochure highlighting the organisation??s international campaigning and conservation work

During the year WDCS send dolphin adopters quarterly newsletters containing the latest news and information on their chosen dolphin and the work of Dr Bossley.

Help save the dolphins and adopt today! Call WDCS direct on 1300 360 442 or adopt on-line at www.wdcs.org.au

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