Q&A with Adriano Zumbo

February 19, 2014

When you hear the name Adriano Zumbo, what do you think? If you’re anything like us here at SheSaid, then what springs to mind is nothing short of deliciously delectable, out-of-this-world, flavour explosions in the form of macarons, desserts and now…Tim Tams?

That’s right, Australia’s most celebrated patissier Adriano Zumbo has teamed up with our favourite bikkie – Arnott’s Tim Tams, to bring you three serious flavour sensations. Zumbo has taken the classic chocolate varieties and added his unique twist, creating tantalising Raspberry White Choc, the seriously addictive Salted Caramel and the deliciously decadent Choc Brownie Tim Tam flavours, all in celebration of Tim Tam’s 50th birthday. So prepare yourself for a Tim Tam coma come March, when the limited edition flavours hit supermarket shelves Australia-wide.

Last night SheSaid had the chance to taste-test Zumbo’s Tim Tam creations and chat with the man himself about Tim Tam slams, inspirations and his all-time favourite dessert.

How did the Arnott’s Tim Tam and Adriano Zumbo collaboration come about?
Arnott’s got in contact with me and it started from there. It’s been a 12-month process with lots of meetings, but I thought it was just a great opportunity to work with such an iconic brand, a brand that has been a part of me since I’ve been a kid.

What is your favourite childhood memory of Tim Tams?
Eating the whole packet! When I was young I used to play a lot of sport, so I could burn it all off though – luckily!

Are you a fan of the Tim Tam slam?
I don’t mind a Tim Tam Slam every now and then, but I’m more traditional – I just like to eat them.

You have created some of the world’s most unique desserts. What inspires you?
Inspiration for me is everywhere. It’s life – the people you meet, your friends, when you’re in the supermarket, going to a restaurant or even just things that happen during the day. I believe that everything and anything is inspiration. You might look at the shape of a roof or something, and then think of the shape of a cake, or a design that you want to put on it. It all depends on the person though, what they see as inspiration, what they can absorb and what they take from it.

What is your all-time favourite dessert?
I’m very simple – it would have to be just simply ice-cream and custard.

Do you have any tips for budding young patisserie chefs out there?
It’s a great industry, but sometimes it can be tough. You have to be able to take things, because that’s what makes you a better chef. Always have a dream and chase it – if you have nothing to chase it’ll become a boring job.

Adriano’s top three tips:

1. Know what you want
2. Have tough skin
3. Learn from your mistakes

If you would like the chance to try Adriano Zumbo’s Tim Tam limited edition creations before they go on sale in March, an exclusive tasting will be held today in Sydney at The Star, Shop 1, Café Court from 4pm – 8pm and in Melbourne tomorrow at 14 Claremont St, South Yarra from 7am-7pm.

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