Adrien furious at infidelity rumours

August 24, 2004

Adrien furious at infidelity rumours

An honest boy
An honest boy
Adrien Brody is furious at about rumours linking him to his co-star, Keira Knightley. The Oscar-winning actor, who has a long-term girlfriend, Michelle Dupont, is appalled that people believed he and Keira, who is dating model Jamie Dornan, would cheat on their partners. He said: “I don’t know what people take me – or her – to be. I’m in a relationship and so is Keira. I don’t regard being in a relationship as a loose thing.” Adrien insists he and Keira had a professional relationship only, despite rumours to the contrary. According to a leading UK website Femalefirst he said: “We were said to be having intimate, candlelit pasta dinners in my apartment. But that’s not true. We ate together a couple of times because we were working, but it never went further than that. We were committed to other people and the work on the film was non-stop.” Good to see some actors fighting back about unfounded rumours!

Everett Says Never For Bond Role
Actor Rupert Everett says he will never be cast as superspy James Bond – because he is gay. The star of An Ideal Husband and Shrek 2 said he believed he would be the ideal successor to Pierce Brosnan. But he told the UK’s Daily Mirror: “I’d never be given it. “You know why not. The producers would sooner drive nails into their eyes.” The 45-year-old, who came out after starring with Julia Roberts in My Best Friend’s Wedding, says he has lost roles because of his sexuality. He was apparently first choice for About a Boy – but the role went to Hugh Grant instead. But he said he had no regrets, adding: “I do not want to sit around in some gloomy place and be with someone and hope he wouldn’t call the papers. “That’s such a boring life. I wanted to go to discos.” Go Rupert!

Benjamin couldn?t stand Julia?s massive ego!
Well it took over three years for the truth to finally come out as to why actor Benjamin Bratt broke up with mega star Julia Roberts in June 2001. Bratt says he became horrified by the effect fame had on his former lover, Julia Roberts. The 40-year-old actor dated the Pretty Woman star for four years until June 2001, he is currently married to Bond girl Talisa Soto. He says that he split with Julia because her celebrity status made her ego “unbearable” reports Teenhollywood. Bratt said: “With Julia I saw up close what fame really does to a person. It sounds great but it comes with a terrible price. Getting too close to the light is a dangerous thing. But I needed to go through that to appreciate what I have now. “My wife is the most beautiful actress in the world. But what makes her special is that she’s beautiful on the inside too. She doesn’t have an unbearable ego.” Good to see some truth coming out after all this time! Bet Julia?s current husband Danny Moder, could agree with him after the recent spat of tantrums the very pregnant actress has been displaying whilst filming Oceans 12.

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