Some Al Fresco Dining Tips

April 1, 2000

Even with the weather turning cooler it’s nice to spend an evening eating al fresco. Don’t do it like the old backyard BBQ, do it will style and comfort.When you’re laying an outdoor table, it’s lovely to do it very formally, with starched linen, candelabra, and as much silver as you can find. I’ve done this and it looks fantastic. Don’t forget to add small vases of flowers.Garden furniture can be rather ugly and is often really uncomfortable. So rather than sitting in discomfort upholster your garden bench. Get a couple of really squishy cushions made and put them on all your garden chairs. This will allow your guests to recline in comfort.

Don’t opt for the plastic seat option we’re all grown ups and aren’t going to spill our drinks. There is nothing worse either when your legs stick to the seat or worse when the seat ‘farts’ as you sit down!

Beat the cold when you’re outside with outdoor heaters. Go to any good hardware for these. Coal burners don’t have to look ugly!

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