13 Alcoholic Fruit Shots Proven To Win Everyone Over

August 12, 2016

Drinking alcohol out of fruit makes it healthy… right?

As much as we know we need to eat two serves of fruit every day, sometimes it’s just too hard – especially if you’ve had the sort of day when you just want to drink vodka out of the bottle.

The good news? You can totally do both.

Not only are these shots guaranteed to be delicious, they also get points for presentation. Serving alcohol inside your fave fruits is a great way to impress guests. It also minimizes the dreaded after-party clean-up because everything is completely edible. So scroll down, choose the one you can’t resist and knock a few back.

1. Watermelon margaritas


You could drink from an adorable watermelon cups or just pop the entire thing into your mouth. Whatever you choose, you’ll love this shot made from tequila and triple sec. (Recipe here.)

2. Cucumber gimlets


I couldn’t think of a better way to drink cucumber-infused gin than from a cucumber shot glass. Sure, it takes some time to hollow out the cucumbers, but the effort will be totally worth it. (Recipe here.)

3. Chocolate covered strawberry shots 


Chocolate, strawberries and alcohol are the best things in the whole world – and these shots combine all three to make cute and creamy alcohol deliciousness. You could easily have one too many of these decadent shots. (Recipe here.)

4. Caramel-apple jello shots


Caramel apples are delicious and fun. Vodka is also very fun. Everyone will have a great time eating these adult versions of a fave childhood treat. (Recipe here.)

5. Buzzed cherry bombs


Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, these vanilla-vodka-soaked cherries look just as good as they taste. Not only does the vodka infuse with the cherries, but the cherries infuse with the vodka, leaving you with a bonus supply of cherry vodka. Winning! (Recipe here.)

6. Strawberry margarita jello shots


These strawberry margarita jello shots are the best things since Christmas – and they’re celebrated with the same colors, too. Everyone will be super-impressed at the presentation of these adorable shots, not to mention blown away by how good they are. (Recipe here.)

7. Mojito jello shots


You know how mojitos are always a safe bet? Well, these jello shots are even safer than that. They have the perfect amount of mint and citrus, and serving them inside a lime rind is super-cute and creative. (Recipe here.)

8. Drunken melon balls

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 1.21.22 pm

Everyone likes ball-shaped treats, especially when they’re crafted from sweet melon infused with vodka, triple sec and pineapple juice. These boozy balls are really refreshing, and you can make them as alcoholic as you like. (Recipe here.)

9.  XXL watermelon jello shots


An XXL shot that looks like a slice of watermelon? Sign us up! This one requires some planning and time, but it’s well worth the wait once you’re eating vodka like it’s an innocent slice of fruit. Dayum. (Recipe here.)

10. Bloody Mary tomato shooters


This one requires some precise knife skills to hollow out the cherry tomatoes, but they sure do make for cute shot glasses in which to serve this spicy shot. (Recipe here.)

11. Pineapple paradise

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 1.35.41 pm

This is literally the biggest shot you’ll ever cast your eyes upon… or you can savor it through a festive straw. Carve out the inside of a pineapple and mix in some Malibu rum and more pineapple. Talk about tropical. (Recipe here.)

12. Shots in ‘cots


Adorable and bite-size – how have we not thought to fill apricots with alcohol before? You could really use any alcohol in these bad boys, but the original poster child uses tequila (read: if tequila is available, always choose tequila). (Recipe here.)

13. Vodka sunrise fruit wedge jello shot


These little jello shots served inside orange segments are so pretty and fancy. The combination of grenadine, orange and sugar take the edge off the vodka, meaning you’ll easily knock back a few without realizing how many you’ve actually had. (Recipe here.)

Images via pinterest.com.

Comment: How do you serve your fave alcoholic beverages?

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