All the Emmy Awards Gossip

September 21, 2004

All the Emmy Awards Gossip

Debra Messing
It was American television?s night of nights, and although the bevies of stars aren?t quite as recognisable to Australians as the Oscar attendees, it is still entertaining viewing. 56th Annual Emmy Awards featured the likes of the Sex and the City girls, Friends stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Matt le Blanc and hordes of the Sopranos actors, which finally won Best Drama. But what we?re more interested in are the dresses, right?! It seems feathers and frills were the themes of the season. Successes included Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall with their similar idea going on with a tight bodice then loosely cascading feathers down their dresses. Will and Grace star Debra Messing looked gorgeous in her peach pink strapless gown with matching clutch. She was glowing and back to a slim figure after the birth of her son, earlier this year. Sharon Stone was looking quite glam in a lavender slinky gown, with revealing plunging neckline.

Meryl Streep
The duds
We?re not sure what went on in Meryl Streep?s mind when she chose her dress. Maybe she was inspired by the heavy drapes in her lounge room? Jennifer Garner chose an equally unflattering outfit, although it seems she got her dress made from her grandmother?s lace tablecloth. The black, feathery ribbon is a nice touch, at least we know now it?s not a wedding dress. Jennifer Aniston was wearing a quite plain, nightgown sort of dress, although when you?ve got such a glam handbag as Brad Pitt, who needs to dress up?

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sex and City Emmys Gossip
After the much publicised spat fight between Kim Cattrall and the rest of the Sex and the City cast regarding Kim?s refusal to participate in the SATC movie, we were waiting with bated breath to see what would come of the four girls being in the one room. Although Cynthia Nixon beat Kim and Kristin Davis as the most Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series award, there was no public show of their dispute. When asked whether there was any weirdness seeing Kim for the first time, Sarah Jessica diplomatically replied, ?”No, I think we all wanted very much to be here tonight… I think the thing that I wanted everyone to remember was that this was the first time all four of us were nominated, and that’s really special. And sometimes things like that get [overshadowed] by things that are titillating and untrue. And it can be frustrating because what we want to do is celebrate this extraordinary moment… So it wasn’t weird for me. I can’t speak for anybody else.” Uh huh…
Photos: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters/Picturemedia

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