All the latest in Beauty News

June 29, 2004

All the latest in Beauty News

Scar reduction
Sometimes it?s the smallest things that can make you feel good. You don?t need to go out and spend thousands of dollars to get a face lift/boob job/stomach tuck/toe slimming operation. If you?ve got a scar that has long been bothering you, or a recent one, there?s now a way to reduce it for a low cost. The Elastoplast Scar Reduction Patches work by activating the skin?s natural healing process and thereby permanently reducing the appearance of scars. “In raised and red scars, the body’s cells become less active three to six months after the wound occurs,” says Geoff Sussman of the Wound Foundation of Australia, “and begin to stagnate at around 12 months, hindering the scar’s healing. Re-stimulating this activity can
re-activate scar healing.” The Elastoplast Scar Reduction Patches can also effectively heal recent wounds.
The patches are available only in pharmacy and RRP $39.95 a box (including GST).
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Not all brushes were created equal
Did you know that not every hair brush is the same? Different hair lengths and thickness need different styles of brush. And to create different styles in your hair, you may require different brushes to achieve optimum results. Hairs and Graces has a variety of different brushes perfect for all types of styles. If you?ve got long, straight hair the square pad brush is perfect. The large head de-tangles and straightens the hair while stimulating the scalp and distributing the hairs natural oils. It works beautifully while blow-drying as it lifts more wet hair than smaller brushes and as a result really makes a difference in the drying time. If you don?t have enough time to spend hair drying, thermal brushes might be the way to go. These brushes work by using metal at the centre of the brush to conduct heat, thus speeding up your drying time. Hairs and Graces have combined a straightener with a thermal brush, called the Thermal Brush plus Straightening Arm. This arm acts like thermal straightening tongs to create a smooth look that is unequaled with many other products.
Square Pad Brush RRP $9.64.
Thermal Brush plus Straightening Arm RRP $12.56.
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