Why It Always Pays To Invest In Quality Furniture

January 7, 2015
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Quality lasts. Over time, cheap furniture looks tatty and doesn’t wear well, whereas well-designed and beautiful furniture will stand the test of time.

Invest in quality for longevity

You don’t have to blow your life savings on a piece of Sheraton, and neither do you have to buy the most expensive pieces of furniture in the store. It’s the quality of the craftsmanship that matters. It’s important to keep your furniture clean and polished, as this will also prolong its lifespan. If you buy a piece of furniture with attached Tente castors, make sure that these are well oiled, there’s nothing worse than a squeaky chair. An article in The Daily Telegraph suggests that you also learn the art of haggling, as this skill will help you acquire a beautiful piece of furniture at a fraction of its worth, especially if you buy it from a second hand shop.

Upcyling is fun

Updating your home can be a wonderful opportunity to reassess your furniture needs and your taste. You can also sell your unwanted furniture on the internet and collect some more funds to go towards your new items. Even if you only invest in one piece of quality furniture per room, this will pay dividends. Furniture that’s made with love will always look good, whereas furniture that’s just been thrown together for the mass market can look nasty and shoddy. Upcycling is very much on trend, and scouting around flea markets and charity shops can reap dividends. These venues are a perfect place to spot an unwanted and neglected piece of stylish furniture. Quality is also about good design as well as craftsmanship.

Quality furniture will hold its value

According to the interior designer Clare Nolan, writing in The Daily Mail back in 2011, ‘classic designer furniture and quality antiques usually hold their value.’ Most people, when redecorating their houses, do not do so in order to make money in the future, but this is a useful point to bear in mind. Tastes change, so why not profit from a designer chair or table? Read around and learn more about the subject, if you like a certain designer, then have a look for their label when you’re scouting for new furniture. If you’re lucky enough to find an Eames’ chair, or some tables and chairs from Heals, you’ll know that not only does your find look good, it’s going to be well made.

Use your imagination and go to a saleroom

It’s always important to create a home that you love, and the addition of a quality piece of furniture can nurture this feeling. Anyone who has ever gone to a provincial auction and suddenly been overwhelmed by a ‘must have’ feeling when spotting a beautiful cabinet will recognise that same emotion of joy when they install the cabinet in their house. You can admire the workmanship and design of the piece and quality furniture will always add to the pride in your home.

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