Amy Erbacher’s Top Autumn Skincare Tips

May 28, 2013

Veet Beauty Director Amy Erbacher shares her best autumn skincare and beauty tips – from exfoliating with care to why you need to swap your moisturiser when the temps drop.

1. Take a tepid shower

Because the weather is cooler, we tend to take hotter showers that can dry out our skin and may even cause skin sensitivity. Try not to have showers that are too hot, tepid if you can and to avoid face directly under the shower water as this may trigger capillary damage.

2. Exfoliate – with care

Always use a gentle one! I see too may skin sensitivities from people scrubbing their skin practically bare in order to have good exfoliation. This can actually cause the skin to thicken and again may become sensitised. Gentle exfoliants are so advanced now with ingredients in skincare, that an enzyme exfoliate is perfect and it has no granules. It is important to exfoliate 2-3 times a week to gently remove dead skin build up and allow for other serums and moisturisers to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin instead of sitting on the skins surface.

3. Swap your moisturiser

Due to the cooler change in climate, a nourishing and protecting moisturiser is key.
Sunscreen is important to our skin even in the cooler climate as our skin can still be vulnerable to harsh UVA and UVB rays. In the long run you’ll be happy, as sun protection helps to assist in the signs of premature ageing and discolouration of the skin like pigmentation.

4. Mineral make-up

If you are serious about skincare, then I suggest making regular visits to a facialist and I advise that you are also careful in regards to what make-up you apply to your skin. For everyday use I advise to use mineral foundation and keep a good foundation with thicker coverage for special outings. A good mineral powders is not only beneficial for coverage but it also acts as a vitamin treatment and sun protection for your skin. It’s also very important to let your skin breathe and by not caking on the make-up, helps keep congestion at bay.

5. Clean make-up brushes

Don’t forget to clean make-up brushes as little nasties such as bacteria can play havoc with your skin.

6. Update your makeup bag

Tweak your makeup look for autumn. If you haven’t changed your lipstick colour or tried a different eye look, why not revamp your image! Autumn and winter are perfect times to opt for deep hues, plums, deep velvet reds for lips and for eyes, mulberry, deep purples, chocolate browns and metallics.

7. Cracked lips

Ensure to gently exfoliate your lips, either your face exfoliant or a spare toothbrush is perfect. Ensure to keeps lips conditioned with lip treatment balms.

8. Home hydrating masks

Whilst watching television at home why not place your favourite hydrating mask on your face to keep radiant and dewy throughout winter.

What’s your favourite autumn skincare tip?

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