Amy Schumer Says She Hasn’t Pulled The Plug On Her Show

August 18, 2016

“We aren’t making the show anymore.”

Fans of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer were sent into a tailspin when a cryptic tweet from the comedian last night seemed to imply that her show was finished. But this morning she clarified, saying the Emmy Award-winning show is not cancelled and that she is simply touring.

Here’s what happened: last weekend Kurt Metzger, a writer for Schumer’s show, came under fire for a string of social media posts attacking women. Metzger’s Facebook and Twitter rants implied that if women don’t report rape to police, then their accounts aren’t credible. He also accused “shitbag phony grandstanding ‘internet feminists’” of discouraging rape victims from going to the police. “Pull your heads out of your cunts and your cunts out of your blogs, and try actually helping victims instead of spotlighting how unique and enlightened you are for being against rape.”

When horrified Amy Schumer fans tweeted at her to convey their anger and disappointment about Metzger’s comments, she allegedly blocked at least one of them.

Schumer, who recently told Marie Claire that she herself has been a victim of non-consensual sex, responded to the controversy, tweeting that she was “saddened and disappointed” in Metzger, and “couldn’t be more against his recent actions.” She then told fans to “please stop asking” her about it, saying that Metzger doesn’t work for her and isn’t a writer on her show. “His words are not mine.” Later, she clarified:

However, since Comedy Central officially picked Inside Amy Schumer up for a fifth season last January, this tweet caused quite a bit of confusion and dismay among fans of the series, until Schumer’s tweets earlier today shed more light on the situation.

Comedy Central hasn’t commented on the dustup.

Since we don’t know when the show will be back, for now we’ll have to make do with watching a few of our favorite Inside Amy Schumer skits on repeat – including this classic:

Image via Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock.com, video via YouTube.

Comment: What do you think of Amy Schumer’s response to Kurt Metzger’s comments?


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