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Andrew Collinge Celebrity Hair Secrets

Andrew Collinge Celebrity Hair Secrets

Sarah Jessica Parker

Those gorgeous tresses of the rich and famous don’t just happen by chance, you know. Apart from having the best stylist money can buy, woman in the public eye know the importance of making sure every day is a good hair day.Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah has given herself a brand-new look by swapping her trademark tumble of long curls for a shorter bob, which she wears smooth and straight.

Try: Andrew Collinge No Kinks Straightener, $9.95 for 100mL.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron seems to change her naturally straight baby-fine hair as often as she changes her clothes! These days she’s wearing it

Cameron Diaz

fashionably long and tousled, but needs to add lift and fullness with thickening lotions.

Try: Andrew Collinge Instant Body Thickening Lotion, $9.95 for 200mL.Kate Moss

This elfin razor-cut crop perfectly suits Kate’s small features and high cheekbones. If you have hair like Kate, it’s a good idea to use a styling wax to allow you to mould and hold short, modern styles.

Try: Andrew Collinge Shape Up Controlling Wax, $9.95 for 43g.

Jennifer Lopez

Highights through Jennifer’s curls gives them a sunkissed look. For smooth locks, she needs to use a mousse to give control to her style and

Kate Moss

tame frizz.

Try: Andrew Collinge Moussing Gelle, $9.95 for 116g.Halle Berry

Halle’s short, tufty style is youthful and sexy. Chunky layers are cut through the hair, then product is worked through with fingers, to give a messy look.

Try: Andrew Collinge Messed Up Moulding Gum, $9.95 for 75mL

A Fresh New Look With Andrew Collinge Salon Solutions

Andrew Collinge has updated his Salon Solutions range to incorporate the latest advanced technologies as well as new state-of-the-art styling products.

Whatever your cut you will be able to create the style that you want and keep it looking great all day!


Jennifer Lopez

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Halle Berry

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