Angelina Jolie: Date Nights Are Essential To Keep Marriage Fresh

December 7, 2010

Angelina Jolie: Date Nights Are Essential To Keep Marriage Fresh

Angelina Jolie has spoken candidly about her marriage to Brad Pitt, her beloved family and her plans to never go near the surgeon’s knife.

“Date nights are essential” she told the UK’s You magazine, in keeping relationships fresh. “You have to make time when you are not Mom and Dad once in a while.

“I think for anybody who has kids, the most important thing is that you love your children, but you also have to stay focused on each other so that you stay strong. And you staying strong as a couple keeps the kids in an even better place.”

Jolie has never been busier: she is soon to hit screens in The Tourist with Johnny Depp and is currently making her directorial debut, filming an untitled controversial Bosnian thriller.

“I enjoy the work more now because I enjoy life more,” she said. “When you have children the whole world shifts for you. You have these little people that make you laugh and remind you every day of what is important, and you get to be their parent and that’s the most important thing you’ll ever be. Everything else comes from that.”

The 35-year-old also addressed speculation that she’s already had plastic surgery.

“I haven’t had anything done and I don’t think I will. But if it makes somebody happy then that’s up to them. I’m not in somebody else’s skin to know what makes them feel better about themselves. But I don’t plan to do it myself.”

Photo: You Magazine

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