Angelina’s Ideal Woman

September 7, 2004

Angelina’s Ideal Woman

Angelina is the ideal women for many…
Want to know what type of person turns Angelina Jolie on? Go see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. The Oscar winner reveals that Frankie, her heroic, eye-patched fly-girl character, embodies everything she looks for in a woman. “I would date her in a moment,” she tells Entertainment Tonight. “She’s kind of a combination between my fantasy of some great, sexual, tough, verging-on-S&M woman — and hopefully just a tiny bit of Winston Churchill, who is my hero.” Those sounds you hear are the heads of fan boys everywhere exploding as they attempt to reconcile the image of Angelina as a “sexual… verging-on-S&M woman” with “just a tiny bit” of Churchill. Eek.

Running out of time
Cowell Faces Facts
Simon Cowell may not be a kind man, or a cheerful man, or even a well-dressed man, but he’s certainly a self-aware man. “My act is going to run out fairly quickly. There’s no question of that,” the American Idol destroyer of dreams said during a television conference in Scotland Saturday, reports Reuters. “I can do what I do on these shows. I can add some humor, some honesty, whatever, but I have no inclination to be doing this in five or ten years’ time.”

Kate Beckinsale
Celebrity Predictions – Kate Beckinsale
The vampire slaying actress will star in yet another gothic horror film, and once again, it will not be received by the public favourably. Right now she is negotiating a starring role in a movie that will eventually bring her an oscar nomination for 2006, much to the surprise of her peers. Ms Beckinsale is very keen to be taken more seriously as a ?real? actress and will spend more time back in her homeland. Her work commitments will be a major issue between herself and her director husband, placing much strain on their relationship. By August 2006, she will announce she is pregnant and it will be a girl. For more celebrity predictions, check out In Psyche.

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