Anna Kournikova to star in Sex in the City?

October 21, 2003

Anna Kournikova to star in Sex in the City?

Anna Kournikova has finally admitted that she’s better as a full-time sex symbol than a part-time court princess. At this week’s World Music Awards Kournikova said she was probably going to quit tennis permanently by the end of this year to concentrate on a career in TV. Aiming high, as always, the media-shy star (NOT!) said “I’d love to appear in something like Sex And The City or Friends,” bet that sent the SITC writers scurrying to work out a plot to add her to the top rating show! Wonder if they are going to try and write a song for Kournikova?s boyfriend Enrique Iglesias too?

The Russian blonde went on to say ?Acting and presenting are definitely things I enjoy. I get offered lots of those jobs but I’ve never had time to pursue them because of my tennis.” Kournikova said she was moving into show business after admitting her body could no longer withstand the rigours of the professional circuit. Maybe she is just sick of losing every match? What we want to know is who are the male fans of women?s tennis going to drool over now? We know they don?t go to watch the sport!

Bloodshed ranks number 1 with Yanks

Ironically, for a nation plagued by massacres and serial killings, a remake of the 1974 horror flick The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, was the top grossing movie in the US last week, taking over nearly $50 million in ticket sales. The cult horror flick stars Jessica Biel as one of a group of friends stranded in a Texas town, where they are preyed on by a clan of cannibals, including chainsaw killer Leatherface.

According to Russell Schwatz, head of marketing for New Line which released the film, over 75% of the audience were under 25 but the audience was split almost 50/50 men and women watching the blood and gore. Biel’s presence helped draw more women viewers to the gory genre flick that is typically the domain of men. “But also, women love to be scared, perhaps more than men,” Schwartz said. “It’s only the gory part that helps turn off the female audience, not so much the scary part.”

And if one slasher movie wasn?t enough for you, Quentin Tarantino‘s blood-splattered vengeance flick Kill Bill – Vol. 1, starrring Uma Thurman took out second place in the US box office openings last weekend. But it?s not all blood and guts ? those after some thrills and spills should check out John Grisham?s courtroom drama flick Runaway Jury with Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman, John Cusack and Rachel Weisz.

Tennis Baby

Andre Agassi, 33 and Stefi Graf, 34 had their second child last week. The new addition, a baby girl named Jaz Elle Agassi, joins Jaden Gill who will be two this month. Mother and baby are at home in Las Vegas getting acquainted.


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