Anna Nicole has an ‘explanation’

November 23, 2004

Anna Nicole has an ‘explanation’

Totally straight…
You must have been hiding under a rock during the last week if you didn?t see Anna Nicole Smith?s hilarious performance at the American Music Awards. Her slurred ramblings as she introduced rapper Kanye West apparently wasn?t what it seemed and she has a plausible explanation. Her lawyer, Howard K. Stern told the New York Post that it was merely a case of poor eyesight. “She couldn’t really read the teleprompter because she has bad eyes. She flubbed a line, but she’s fine. Anna did numerous other interviews afterwards where it’s obvious that she’s fine.” He also went further to deny her spacey demeanour had anything to do with drinking or drugs. How about why she needed two bouncers to lean on when walking out. That?s because of a new exercise routine that left her legs feeling wobbly. Right…

Clive Owen
Clive unsure of Bond role
In the continuing saga of who will be the next James Bond, Clive Owen has ?fessed up that he has not even been approached by the makers of the Bond Movies, MGM studios and he isn?t practicing drinking martinis ?shaken not stirred? just yet. British Owen told Newsweek magazine that, “It’s nothing but rumor, and to be brutally honest, if they did come out and offer it to me, I have no idea how I’d react,” Regarding a potential James Bond project, Owen goes on to say: “Well, there are far worse things to be associated with.” Hopefully he is just playing down how badly he would love to play the world?s most famous man of intrigue!

Will Hollywood be taken over by prayer?
Gibson lets “the passion? speak for itself
Mel Gibson has gone against the trend yet again and sworn off using paid advertisements to seek Oscars for his blockbuster, The Passion of the Christ, and instead is putting his faith in the merits of the work as it vies for the film industry’s top honors. Breaking with a growing Hollywood practice of heavy-handed pre-Oscar marketing, Gibson and his Icon Productions partner Bruce Davey have vowed not to spend a cent on television, radio or print ads hawking “Passion” for Academy Award consideration. In a rash of Hollywood honesty Davey said, “This film should be judged on its artistic merit, not on who spends more money for advertising. That’s really what the academy was meant to be and to celebrate,” Gibson, who wrote, directed and produced the blood-drenched film about the last hours in the life of Jesus, likewise spent relatively little on commercial advertising to promote “The Passion” before its theatrical release. Unusually, Icon relied on a marketing campaign centered on special screenings for Christian churches. “The Passion” went on to gross well over US$600 million in worldwide ticket sales. Now that?s a successful marketing plan!

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