Anti-Ageing Facial Fitness Workout

September 17, 2012

Just like your body, your face needs to exercise to stay youthful and healthy. Do these 2-minute exercise 3 times a week to improve saggy skin, lift drooping eyes and reduce fine lines around the mouth. Cheaper than a facelift!

The Upper Eyelid Lifter

This exercise prevents your eyelids from drooping.

How: Pull your uppser eyelids upwards as far as possible with both eyes open. Make sure that the upper eyelid is pulled up until the white above the iris is visible. Repeat 20 times.

The Neck Firmer + Double Chin Reducer

Reduce a double chin and firm up a saggy neck.

How: Smile wide and pull down the lower lip to contract the large platysma muscle of the neck (if correctly executed, the neck muscle will be clearly visible). Repeat 20 times.

The Lip Contour Plumper

Reduced the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth and helps maintain plump lips.

How: For your lips into a kissing position as tight as you can. Hold this pose and release. Then, smile as widely as possible. Repeat 20 times.

Top tip! Do these exercises in front of the mirror to visualise the correct moves and avoid doing the wrong ones (which can accentuate wrinkles).

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