Anti-Aging Tips: How To Rejuvenate Aging Skin And Hair

February 4, 2011

Anti-Aging Tips: How To Rejuvenate Aging Skin And Hair

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* The lifestyle factors encouraging smooth skin and lustrous hair also promote optimal health and longevity.

* Some of the most common causes of skin inflammation include smoking, excess coffee and alcohol, dehydration, sugar and refined carbohydrates.

* Your skin offers clues about whether your body is getting enough vitamins and nutrients.

* For naturally healthy skin, switch to a cream or milk cleanser instead of soap or foaming/gel cleansers.

* Wrinkle-fighting foods include spinach, turkey, red and yellow peppers, olives and black raspberries.

* For younger-looking hair, eat plenty of protein, minimise the use of blowdryers or hair straighteners and try to go longer between washes.

While you can’t change your genes and prevent aging altogether, you can slow the rate at which your skin ages and promote anti aging by supporting its natural regenerative process and countering factors proven to age your skin faster.

Anti Aging: Reduce free radicals

An excess of free radicals in your skin can lead to inflammation, producing leaky capillaries, pigmentation and even cell death. The antidote? Antioxidants — substances with the ability to literally mop up free radicals, halting their destructive tendencies. Potent sources include delicious fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds. There are several herbs well known for their antioxidant action, such as grapeseed, pine bark and bilberry. Culinary herbs and spices are also fantastic antioxidants, so add more oregano, thyme, basil, sage, rosemary, garlic, cinnamon and turmeric to cooking. Meanwhile, don’t forget to make yourself a cup of green tea, which is packed with antioxidant power. Reduce your consumption of free radicals to promote anti aging.

Other important antioxidant/anti aging nutrients are vitamins A, C, E and the minerals zinc and selenium. Keep in mind that stress, infection, alcohol and sugar all increase your requirements for these key nutrients.

Anti aging: Fight inflammation fire

Inflammation accelerates aging by keeping your skin flooded with free radicals and damaging healthy cells. A diet high in fish, nuts and seeds, berries and leafy green vegetables along with plenty of water is the best way to promote anti aging and minimise the aging effects of inflammation and free radicals. All the cells in your body require protein to stay healthy — after all, they’re built from fat and protein and one-tenth of all the protein in your body is found in your skin. So make sure you eat some protein such as fish, eggs or dairy foods at every meal.

Other ways to combat inflammation and promote anti aging include omega-3 essential fatty acids found in fish and flaxseed oil, and vitamins C and A. The antioxidant nutrient lipoic acid not only protects against free radical damage but also boosts energy production inside your cells and defends your skin and body against AGEs, the unhealthy, age-accelerating toxic byproducts of browned and sugary foods. Another essential nutrient for healthy skin is the sulphur compound MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), which, along with vitamin C, is essential for building strong, flexible collagen. Collagen is very important in the anti aging fight.

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What are your best tips for looking and feeling young?

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