The App That Outsources Your Relationship

March 10, 2014

Heads up, ladies. There’s a new app that allows lazy boyfriends to “outsource their relationships.”

BroApp allows guys to send automated romantic texts to their girlfriend’s phone, so they can spend more time with “the bros.”

How does it work? After composing a number of “sweet texts”, you can then set the texts to be sent automatically on a specific day.

The makers claim that “BroApp leverages advanced algorithms to intelligently determine the best time to send a text message to your girlfriend,” so – for example – if he’s has recently texted or called you – shock, horror – “in real life”, texts scheduled by the app are cancelled so as not to arouse suspicion

Reaction to the app has so far been mixed, with some on Twitter suggesting there are “some things you shouldn’t outsource to technology” and others calling the idea “genius”. No doubt an aforementioned lazy boyfriend.

OK ladies tell us, how would you feel if you found out your man was sending you automated sweet texts?

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