How To Apply Blush

August 2, 2014

Unfortunately, we were not all born with Miranda Kerr‘s blessed bone structure. However, with the help of a quality blush, we can highlight those cheekbones and achieve the same angelic glow. To avoid the dreaded “clown-face”, follow these pointers for choosing and applying blush.

  • MAC blush brush 116The first step is choosing the right color for your skin tone. The pinker your skin, the pinker your blush should be. For olive and dark skin, use more peach, orange and red shades. The most important thing is to keep it subtle. Blush should look like natural, healthy color in your cheeks.
  • When applying your makeup, blush should be the cherry on top – the very last thing you do.
  • Your technique depends largely on your face shape. If you have a diamond, long or oval-shaped face, apply blush on top of your cheekbones. Owners of round or heart-shaped faces should apply just below the cheek bone. The aim is to highlight your angles!
  • The best way to apply blush, using both a brush or a sponge for liquid or gel formulas, is to start from the apples of your cheeks, and blend upward along the cheekbone toward your ear. If applying along the top of your cheekbones, smile to help you find your way. To locate the underside of the cheekbones, suck in your cheeks.
  • If using a brush, it should be larger than the tiny sample brushes you often find in blush packs, but not big and round like a face powder brush. This M.A.C blush brush 116 ($35) is a great example.

Images via M.A.C and Wikipedia

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