April Chick Lit

April 20, 2004

April Chick Lit

The Other Side of the Story
By Marian Keyes
Penguin Books Ltd
RRP: $29.95

If you read and loved Lucy Sullivan is getting married, Watermelon, Sushi for Beginners, Last Chance Salon or Angel then prepare to be enjoy Marian Keyes latest novel The other side of the story. At a whopping 650 pages you could shy away from such a large book but don?t let size fool you, in this case Big is Better! Faithful readers of Keyes? novels will be clapping their hands with glee at this effort. This Irish writer has a wonderful knack of looking on the brighter side of life without her characters appearing to be to be cheesy or predictable. The other side of the story follows the loves, lives and careers of three women in the cut throat world of English publishing. Lily Wright is the writer enjoying the overnight sensation of her debut novel, Jojo Harvey is her hard working literary agent (who is having an affair with her married boss) and Gemma Hogan was Lily?s best friend till Lily stole the love of Gemma?s life ? Anton and had a baby with him! From the outset you will be drawn in so closely to these women?s lives, by the end of the novel you will swear they are old friends of yours – but as the book says – there are three sides to every story ? your side, their side and the truth.

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By Lesley Lokko

Rianne de Zoete is a beautiful but arrogant newcomer to the all girl English boarding school, St Anne?s. Having grown up as one of the powerful white elite in South Africa, Rianne is suitably unimpressed by the cold English countryside, her less sophisticated room mates Charmaine, Gabby and Nathalie and the lack of respect given to her, despite her pedigree. As time goes on, however, the girls penetrate her haughty exterior and the four become firm friends. The book leaves the boarding school, and follows the four friends as they embark on their separate lives. Rianne falls effortlessly into modelling, Gabby heads to Oxford, Nathalie sets up a business empire and Charmaine follows her boyfriend to LA. Each girl is different and has an interesting story to tell. What makes the book more fascinating is the political angle. The book is set around the time of the South African apartheid and considering her heritage, Rianne is reluctantly caught in the middle. Things spice up when she chooses a new love that could disrupt the fragile political environment.
This book is perfect if you want a little more depth but with all the spicy elements of a great chick read!

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By Bread Alone
By Sarah-Kate Lynch
Black Swan
RRP: $22.95

Esme Slack makes her life look effortless. She idolises her only child, she lives in an off kilter tower in the middle of the English countryside with her sullen father-in-law, a short-sighted goat and a dysfunctional swarm of bees. But is she managing as well as it seems? Every morning she makes an amazing French sourdough bread that she believes is the only thing she gets right. Is it because it tastes so delectable? Or does it remind her of the girl she once was? Or more particularly, does it remind her of the village baker, Louis, who saved her from a life half baked? All she has left of the Frenchman is the sourdough starter he gave her, made from the fermented juice of an apple planted 190 years before by his great-great-great-grandparents and still going strong in her kitchen cupboard…until she meets him again by chance.
Great fun holiday read!

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Wives and Lovers
By Jane Elizabeth Varley
RRP: 29.95

A gripping first novel of modern marriage and modern love. The story begins at
Victoria Strattford’s birthday party for her ambitious husband David to show off their beautiful Wimbledon house, their wonderful children, their perfect lives. But while Victoria welcomes her guests, the only person that’s missing is David himself.
Victoria’s sister Clara and her husband Tom are at the party. Unworldly and idealistic, Tom scorns David’s quest for wealth. While Clara is content with her job as a university lecturer, she yearns for a change in her life. In the garden, the youngest sister Annie talks to her husband Hugo. Very happy together, the only blight on their lives is Hugo’s mother, whose jealousy and possessiveness have turned into a poisonous hatred of Annie. So begins a train of events that will lead each sister down a different path – towards love, sex, grief, betrayal and happiness.
If you think you live in a dysfunctional family ? wait till you read about this family!

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The Hot Flash Club
By Nancy Thayer
Bantam Australia
RRP $29.95

This book is a funny yet heartwarming tale of four very different women who help each other realize that life is really too short to give up your dreams and goals. These four women meet by accident and they turn each others lives upside down and change them forever. These four middle age women form the Hot Flash Club and bond, meddle and laugh their way through each others family-life, work-life and sex-life (or lack of it!). Faye, Alice, Shirley and Marilyn can teach us a few things about how to keep our sense of humour and not to give in to other people?s expectations! Might be just the perfect gift to send to your mum for Mothers Day!

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