Are Nicole and Keith engaged?

November 22, 2005

Are Nicole and Keith engaged?

Nicole Kidman. Although she maintains her friendship with fellow Aussie Keith Urban is merely platonic, they have been seen out and about for some months now. Despite her rep?s denials: (“Right now, it’s just a rumour. When and if there’s a statement we’ll make that public.”), Nicole was seen on a cozy stroll with Keith in Boston last week. According to US Star magazine, “So far, she hasn’t told Keith yes or no. But just hearing Nicole squeak and purr with joy about the great feeling Keith’s question gave her means she’s not dismissing him out of hand.” Marriage and babies doesn?t sound out of the questions, considering in April she said in an interview: ?I would love to have a baby next, that would be a lovely thing. I have got hormones running through my system. That is why I sit wriggling saying I want to have a baby.”

Kimberly’s brand new fianc?
Speaking of engagements, Kimberly Stewart has been proposed to by her 19-year-old boyfriend Talan Torriero. The 26-year-old daughter of rocker Rod Stewart has been dating her reality star boyfriend for two months and has been given a five-carat, $300,000 ring. ”It’s almost too big,” Kim told US Weekly of the rock, ”It’s beautiful.” Talan?s friend gave a less than emphatic reason for marriage to US People magazine: “He told me he really likes her and they’re having a good time.” Sure, that sounds like a reason to get married. It will probably last about as long as Paris Hilton?s engagement to Paris Latsis judging by Kimberly?s record with men. This is Kimberley?s second proposal in a year ? the first being with Whitestarr singer Cisco Adler. “He’s my best friend, my lover, my soul mate. He really is my everything,” she gushed of her then-fianc?.

Charlotte Church calls George Bush a tw@t
Welsh singer Charlotte Church was less than impressed by the US president when meeting him recently. She thought George Bush was ?sulky? and she was particularly unimpressed when he asked her what state Wales was in. She told a UK magazine: “I thought, “You twat.” When I’ve met President Clinton and Tony Blair and other world leaders, as you do, they’ve all made me feel like they wanted to have a chat. But Bush was like a sulking child, he looked like he couldn’t be bothered.” In contrast, she thought Blair was really lovely: “He’s a really nice guy. I met him at the Labour Party conference and my mum had to bring all my outfits in a big suitcase. Nobody else offered to carry it, part from Tony Blair who stopped and went: “Can I get that for you?” and my mum went, “No thanks, Tone, you’re alright.”

Tom Cruise’s extraordinary wedding present

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