Is Calista Flockhart taking Some Love life lessons?

February 5, 2002

Is Calista Flockhart taking some love life lessons from her character Ally McBeal??

For months now we have been following the trail of rumours about a romance involving 37-year-old Calista Flockhart old 52-year-old Garry Shandling. The waifish one has graced the covers with Shandling suggesting a union with her and her adopted son but true evidenceherself was grilled recently by Jay Leno, an old pal of Shandling’s from their early stand-up comedy days, about whether or not they’re really dating.

The waifish Flockhart, whose past exes allegedly include Ben Stiller and kate Winslest’s latest boyfriend director Sam Mendes, insists she and Shandling are “just good friends.” She says she isn’t dating anyone because her show and her duties as a single mom have kept her too busy. Still, since Shandling and Flockhart met in 1998, the two have been spotted canoodling in restaurants from L.A. to the Big Apple.

More questions have been raised about Ally’s latest love interest, Jon Bon Jovi than Shandling in recent times. Apparently, Calista and the Ally gang, including new co-star Jovi, were hanging out recently at Ago, one of Melrose Avenue’s most celeb-packed nightspots. Flockhart was firmly plunked on the hunky rocker’s lap for most of the night. However, one thing Flockart may have conviently forgotten is that good ol’ JBJ isn’t available –he’s and has been for a dozen years. Maybe this doesn’t mean anthing to those living in tinsel town!!

Let’s just hope this story doesn’t end, like most of her show’s episodes, with a brokenhearted Ally walking home alone forlornly at night to one of Vonda Shepard’s sad love songs.

Tycoon’s baby needs $7.85 million a year.

Speaking of husbands, where was Tom Cruise?? Couldn’t he bear to see Nicole Kidman win anything without him?? As his star fizzles slightly, hers is shining brighter and brighter in the Hollywood landscape. We loved the fact her parents were there as proud as punch and she looked so happy and has obviously survived one of the worst years of her life.

Pity the poor 84 year old media tycoon Kirk Kerkorian (great name!!) who has been asked to pay $628,000 a month in child support. KK denied he is the father of Kira Bonder-Kerkorian (also good name) and has since had DNA tests which prove he is not the father. But proof he is a nice guy and due the fact he had become emotionally attached the little girl before and he and her mother split up, he has set up a trust fund for her education and monthly support payments. Under the current arrangement he pays $147,000 a month in child support which is $49,115 more than is required under their divorce settlement.

But Lisa Bonder-Kerkorian 36, has demanded little Kira needs $628,000 per month!!

The money is needed for –

$282,000 for travel

$27,500 for parties and play dates

$13,750 for charity donations

$8450 for food at home

$11,590 for food to eat out

$4910 to attend movies, plays and other similar entertainment

$2750 for laundry

$1694 for toys

$856 for care of Kira’s bunnies and other pets.

Kira should also be allowed 5 free flights a year on her dad’s private $110 million jet.

Is this woman a copy of Anna Nicole Smith or does she really think she and her 3 year old girl can seriously spend nearly $8 million dollars a year?? We will wait with baited breathe to see what unfolds when KK returns to court in March to fight over the cost of “basic needs” of keeping a 3 year old in the style to which she has come accustomed. Or is to keep the mother in the style to which she has become accustomed!!

Best Career Move of the Week

Pamela Anderson may swap from acting to stripping! ”I have a stripper pole in my bedroom. I was thinking that I would just take pole dancing lessons and go on the road with Kid Rock.”

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