Are those Angelina & Brad beach pictures real?

May 3, 2005

Are those Angelina & Brad beach pictures real?

The fake photo
The fake photo
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been seen frolicking on the beaches of Kenya with Angelina?s son Maddox. According to one local, the pair were seen “holding hands and kissing” while another said, ?Brad was definitely enjoying being with Angelina. I saw them kissing in the pool. It was a really long kiss – they are clearly a very passionate pair.” Tabloid mag US Weekly reportedly paid between $500,000 and $1 mill for the exclusive paparazzi shots of the pair and has had them splashed on their cover for the past week. No doubt they were furious when rival US publication Star showed pictures of the pair strolling on a beach together under the title “Brad & Angelina Caught Together! On Vacation.” Not until later in the magazine is it revealed that the photo is actually two different pictures simply cut and pasted together! The photo of Brad was taken in the Caribbean, while the Angelina picture was taken a year ago on a beach in Virginia. Don?t believe everything you see!

Paris + Paris = Paris
Oh dear. Paris Hilton has decided her latest love Paris Latsis is the man she wants to marry. She has said, “We’ll definitely get married in the future. I’m young but I love him and he’s the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with.” Yes but she said she loved Rick Solomon and all she got out of that little relationship was her most intimate bits being splashed around the world in A Night in Paris. Then again, being 54th richest man in the world, no doubt Paris isn?t with Paris for her money. Getting confused about the name thing? Don?t worry, Paris and Paris have names for each other to alleviate the mix-ups. He calls her “Princess” or “Gorgeous” and she calls him “Babaluna.” It seems they like the similarity of their names though: the planned name of their first child? Paris. Oh god, tell us it isn?t true…

Logies gossip
It was the night of nights for Australian TV and we were treated to an overload of Bec Cartwright, Garnier advertisements and bad jokes. The scandal of the evening seems to be Rove swearing on stage at the end as it is supposed to be a ?family show?. Come on, any child that is watching television at 11:30pm at night has probably been previously exposed to a swear word or two in their time. Some of the gossip of the night includes… Dancing with the Stars and Home and Away actor Jason Smith was seen swirling his boss?s wife Skye Leckie around the dance floor, then promptly drop her. Good work Jason! Host Andrew O?Keefe was dressed by up-and-coming vintage designer St Vincent De Paul. Don?t worry, I?m pretty sure we won’t be seeing Vinnies clothes on the catwalk soon. He said, ?I kid you not. I actually found this velvet bowtie in the St Vincent?s bargain bin about two weeks ago.? Aren?t they paying him enough at Channel 7?

Sienna Miller in tears

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