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Are You In The Dark About Ovarian Cancer? Look Out For These 4 Symptoms

Are You In The Dark About Ovarian Cancer? Look Out For These 4 Symptoms

Three out of five women incorrectly believe ovarian cancer is detected by a Pap smear.

Furthermore, 51% of women are under the perception that the cervical cancer vaccine also protects against ovarian cancer, where in fact it does not.

Every year 1,300 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and more than 800 women will lose their battle with the disease. Today is Teal Ribbon Day and we’re using the day to encourage women to recognise the four main symptoms of ovarian cancer:

* Abdominal or pelvic pain

* Increased abdominal size or persistent bloating

* Needing to urinate often or urgently

* Feeling full after eating a small amount

TV personality and Ovarian Cancer Australia ambassador, Kate Ritchie says, “I was completely in the dark about ovarian cancer, and I chose to become an ambassador because I know other women must be feeling the same as me. I realised I wanted to know more about the disease and spread the word to fellow women who may also be unaware about the symptoms.”

All proceeds raised from the sale of Teal Ribbons go towards vital funding for ovarian cancer research and support programs for women with ovarian cancer and their families. Visit to donate and learn more.

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