Are you in the right job?

May 6, 2003

Are you in the right job?

It’s hard to feel motivated or do your best work when you have outgrown your role.

The following Q&A was supplied to CareerOne by Gaby Molnar, a recruiter with Hamilton James and Bruce and a trainer with famous US motivation coach Anthony Robbins.

Gaby has spent eight years studying motivation and peak performance.

This quiz will provide you with a diagnoses as to whether you need to find motivation or simply a new job. Rate each area on a 0-10 basis.

“The theory behind this test is that in order for you to find complete fulfillment and motivation in a job, you must score at least an 8-10 in all six categories,” Gaby explains.

“To enjoy your job and have a really nice time, the first four are really important but, to get absolute fulfillment, all six categories must have a high rating.”


Rate yourself highly if you feel secure in your job (or as secure as anyone can these days) and are confident about your abilities.


If your role offers surprise, diversity, challenge and excitement rate yourself highly.


Do you feel your contribution is important to the company? Do you feel unique and needed?


Do you like your colleagues? Do you feel part of a team?


Are you learning? Is your skillset expanding?


Does your job make a difference to the wider world? Do you feel you are helping people?

Once you have rated your job, Gaby recommends investing time in developing a plan to boost your level of fulfillment in each area. Gaby says that if you do not address the poorly rated areas within three to six months you could find you leave your job without understanding why.

If you do that, you will miss the opportunity to ensure that your next role fulfills these six basic needs.

Story by Kate Southam, editor of CareerOne. Go to for more career related articles. Job hunting and workplace questions can be directed to CareerOne by emailing:

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