Are You Ready For A Long-Term Relationship?

Kim Chartres

Every long-term relationship is hard work. Yes even the ones which look easy! Unless you’re ready to make real sacrifices, compromise and commit it just isn’t going to work.

So how do you know if you’re ready? I’ve put together some simple statements for you to consider. Checkout the true or false feedback and find out if you’re ready to put in the hard yards. Getting into a long-term relationship when you aren’t ready is a recipe for disaster. Plus it’s a sure fire way to break your heart – or someone else’s.

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1. You see a couple holding hands and it makes you feel envious.

True – READY
Watching couples hold hands when you want a long-term relationship can be painful to witness. If you are ready you’ll likely feel a tinge of envy.

False – WAIT!
You may be an exceptionally non-envious person so this doesn’t effect you. Most people wanting a long-term relationship notice couples holding hands and it stirs an emotional response.

2. You go on dates just for fun.

True – WAIT!
Your dating for another reason and a long-term relationship may not be a priority. Have fun and enjoy!

False – READY
You’re dating for a purpose and clearly have an agenda to be in a long-term relationship.

3. You like to do your own thing and find it difficult to compromise.

True – WAIT!
If you like doing your own thing, you may not be ready to make room in your life for someone else. Relationships are a constant give and take, so this one is a big red stop sign!

False – READY
People in long-term relationships often make sacrifices to please their partner. If you’re ok with that, your ready!

4. You’d rather have sex with one person even if it’s a friend with benefits.

True – READY
If you have one friend with benefits you hook up with, you’d probably prefer a relationship instead.

False – WAIT!
People who like to play the field clearly aren’t ready to settle down and commit to just one person. You may get bored and find yourself cheating if you aren’t ready to settle down.

5. You like to go out with couples when you’re single.

False – READY
No one wanting a relationship is happy to go out with couples. It’s a grim reminder that they are single.

True – WAIT!
If you are happy going out with couples, they are either mutual friends or you’re not fussed if you have a partner yourself.

6. You’ve had long-term relationships before.

True or False – READY
Just because someone has been in a long-term relationship doesn’t automatically qualify them as being ready for the next. There are plenty of people who haven’t had the chance or met the right person who are more than ready.

7. You’d rather spend time with friends than be on a date.

True – WAIT!
If you are having fun with friends, you probably don’t want to be tied down to one person. Life changes when people make a commitment to one another and usually enjoy spending more time one-on-one than being with other people.

False – READY
People who aren’t ready for a commitment are often more comfortable with friends than one-on-one.

8. You have high standards and won’t lower them for anyone.

True – WAIT!
There’s nothing wrong with having standards but if they are too high people will always disappoint you. If you are looking for a relationship, you may need to be a little more realistic or go to places where your high standards can be meet.

False – READY
If you won’t lower your standards for anyone, you are possibly being a bit fussy. You’d rather keep your standards and hold out for the perfect partner. As people as seldom perfect you may be putting an imaginary barrier up to keep yourself single because you aren’t ready to compromise or commit.

9. You are attracted to more than one person.

True – WAIT!
If you are attracted to more than one person you clearly don’t have a deep connection or attraction to anyone. You’d be better off having some fun before you take the leap into relationship territory.

False – READY
People who are ready for a relationship usually have someone in mind when they see themselves in a relationship. This isn’t always the case, though. They may want a relationship but just haven’t met the right person yet.

10. You find something wrong with everyone you date.

True – WAIT!
If you continuously find fault in others then you aren’t ready. This maybe your way of remaining single because you haven’t found the right person.

False – READY
Clearly you are opened to a relationship and have realistic expectations.


Unless you’ve answered READY for 8 out of the 10 questions, I’d recommend you enjoy being single a bit longer. It might be because you haven’t found the right person, your standards are too high or you just want to have fun. When you are 100% ready, you’ll understand what I mean.