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Are your pants Passion Killers?

Are your pants Passion Killers?

Friday night. Half an hour ago you were in the office. Now you’re sitting on a barstool ordering your fourth vodka and cranberry – (you’re having a healthy week), and in He walks. This morning they looked okay – felt comfortable – it’s the end of the week anyway and you’ll do your washing on Sunday. Sprung! Now that you are looking at him and he is offering to buy your fifth and asking about your plans for the evening you’ve got a feeling you could be in trouble. Those losing-their-elastic, over-sized granny undies are looking more more unavoidable and potentially like an embarrassing obstacle in your night of potential passion with Mr Right, (a’la Bridget Jones). Girls, we’ve all got them, but isn’t it time we really overhauled our underwear collection so we never get caught out? Those old undies can be a real passion killer. Wear your lucky pants everyday because you never know when Mr Right is going to walk your way. And if you don’t have any lucky pants, SheSaid saves your day once and for all with our must-have

Wonderbra set

for gorgeous under gear…Try our luck with these:

Wonderbra: Don’t ever compromise on the brassiere. There was a reason it was invented… to enhance and uplift, so go with it and be kind to gravity. Every girl, no matter how perky, (bitch!) can do with this kind of professional lift every now and then. The new Wonderbra range offers different levels of enhancement from subtly contoured bras to push-up bras offering the ultimate in sensational cleavage.

Bonds: They’re so slick, you almost want to wear them on their own – and let’s face it, in this current climate you nearly could. Even if you don’t think you’ve got the body of a supermodel, these clever classics will make you look like you’ve got a similar

Bonds – clever classics

You’ll at least feel like Sarah O’Hare.Colette Dinnigan: Her exclusive range is exactly that. Exclusive and romantic. We’re talking major honeymoon material here! So delicate and beautiful…it should be a girl’s ambition to own one piece from the range. For that special, special occasion…

Other labels to check out at David Jones and Grace Bros nationally are Hey Sista – to satisfy the funky young rock chic in all of us, Calvin Klein – because we all want to look like Christy in the ad and Elle McPherson’s Intimates. If there is one thing ‘the body’ knows, it’s…well, the body. Get into some and soon. While we’re talking about being lucky, we can’t get enough of our Pop Princess’s cute-as-a-button range of underwear. And what are they called? You guessed it Lucky…love Kylie.

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