7 Articles Everyone With A Vagina Must Read

February 20, 2020

Get the downlow on all things related to your downstairs. 

If you have a vagina, you’ve probably got some questions about it.

Like, is it normal to not be able to orgasm? And why does it hurt sometimes during sex? And, like, how much discharge is too much discharge?

It’s not exactly dinner party conversation. At least, not in our current society. For some reason, talking out our vajayjays, and all of the joys that come with having one, is still considered taboo. And while it’s acceptable to openly talk dick pics and general male sexual innuendo, huhahs remain pretty hush-hush.

Which makes it tricky when you’ve got questions you’re just itching to get off your chest. Thankfully, there’s no need to get your knickers in a knot. These articles go where few else go; way down below…

1. The Vagina Questions You’re Too Embarrassed To Ask, Answered

vagina reads questions

When was the last time you talked about your vaginal discharge? If your answer is never, you’re not alone, but you need to read this article. Your vaginal health depends on it.

Read it here.

2. 6 Things You Need To Stop Putting In Your Vagina, Immediately

vagina reads insert

Sex toys, fine. Tampons, fine. Fingers, fine. But there are some objects you should definitely never put into your vagina. And you’re probably guilty of at least a few of these…

Read it here.

3. When Having A Period Is Hell

vagina reads period

Every woman knows having their period can be an emotional (and painful) rollercoaster, but if your menstrual symptoms are so bad they’re affecting your ability to live your life, don’t dismiss them. There are the signs you shouldn’t ignore.

Read it here.

4. How Long Should It Take A Woman To Come, Really?

vagina reads orgasm

If you’ve ever wondered if everyone else is having orgasms quicker than you, or if you’re doing it right, or if you just can’t seem to reach the Big-Oh at all, this one is for you.

Read it here.

5. 7 Cool Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Vagina

vagina reads facts

Our vaginas are actually pretty damn awesome once you start learning about how they work. They can push out a baby and give us orgasms, as well as a bunch of other really crazy-cool things.

Read it here.

6. NSFW: Here’s What A Vagina REALLY Looks Like

vagina reads real

The pretty and neat vaginas we see in porn and advertising are definitely not realistic. Labia come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, you might be surprised to see just what a real vagina looks like (FYI: graphic images of real-life lady parts ahead).

Read it here.

7. 7 Signs Your Vagina Is Depressed (No, Really)

It may sound funny, but vulvodynia is no laughing matter. It’s a serious women’s health issue that’s more common than endometriosis or breast cancer, but no one’s talking about it. Which is why women are suffering in silence. If you’ve ever experienced pain during sex, itching, burning and other weird vaginal symptoms, you need to read this.

Read it here.

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Comment: Why do you think talking about women’s health and sexuality is still so taboo?

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