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Ashton Kutcher doesn’t need gym

Ashton Kutcher doesn’t need gym

Ashton Kutcher doesn’t need gym

Ashton Kutcher does workout DVDs at home.

The actor – who is married to Demi Moore – shunned the gym when he needed to get in shape for his latest movie ‘Killers’, preferring to get fit in front of the television, which he insists worked well for him.

He said: “I bought one of those exercise DVDs off the TV. I put it in and watched it, and got in shape. I did some fight training. I learned Krav Maga, Muay Thai and Kali, which is Filipino knife fighting.”

Although Ashton undertook some combat training, he realised he hadn’t prepared in the right way when he accidentally “knocked out” a stunt man.

He explained to “I realised that I should have learned how to movie fight ’cause on the first fight scene, I knocked out a stunt guy. That was a bad ordeal. We were doing that scene on the boat, and we were on a yacht in the wind. He threw a punch and I blocked it, and then punched him and knocked him out. I felt really bad about that.

“I hurt a lot of people. I should have just let the stunt guy do everything, to be honest, and stuck to just making jokes.”

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