Ask Kathy B: Cross Cultural Relations…

November 9, 2004

Ask Kathy B: Cross Cultural Relations…

If you can’t beat them…
Question: Hey Kathy B… I am an American who recently hooked up with an Australian ex-footballer and he seems like such an enigma and I was wondering if you could give me some pointers, because I am a little stump culturally speaking. Like relationships, do these guys know what that is or are they the equivalent to American jokes? Also are your sexual views like the American, more open, or more restrictive…remember we were founded by the Puritans. If you could give me some insight to what I am up against I would greatly appreciate it.

Kathy B: Lucky you! You?ve had the seminal Aussie experience of hooking up with a footie player. The Australian male is a curious creature, and if he?s a football-obsessed hottie on top of that – you?ll really have your hands full. You have probably already noticed that a good Aussie guy appreciated a cold beer, a great game of footie and a friendly gal or two. You say this guy is a big of an enigma and that he?s an ex footie player. Trust me, he may have officially hung up his boots but in his mind he?ll always be a star and he?ll probably appreciate it and you a lot more if you remember that (thank-you very much!!) Unless he?s a convert who is a dedicated hubby and Dad, he?ll probably play the field as hard as if he was still a pro. Of course he could be diamond in the rough who likes reading as much as roughing it and who understands that monogamy isn?t a dirty word. If that?s the case then I?d advise you to go back into the second, third and final quarter with him. If that doesn?t sound like his style, then I?m afraid you?ll most likely be dealing with a guy who is just out for a bit of fun (and yes, Aussies in general have a pretty open attitude toward sex unless you are in a dusty country town with a ?population of 69? sign). If he?s a player on and off the field and if you can handle being number 8 on his speed dial then go for it. Another alternative? Keep your eyes out for the footie watcher ? a nice Aussie guy who?ll treat you with a bit of respect. They are some good ?un?s out there ? promise. Or it might be time to expand your education of Aussie sporting men. It?s summer so get yourself down to the beach and try going for a surf lifesaver. You?ll be assured of two things ? he?ll most likely have a great bod and a good heart. Visit Surf Lifesaving Australian on for some background info including dates for on-beach events. Good luck!

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