Ask Nadia: Is There Such A Thing As A ‘Male G-Spot’?

October 8, 2019

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Dear Nadia, 

I’ve heard that men have a G-spot. Is this true? I’d like to give my boyfriend more powerful orgasms and would love to know how.


Enthusiastic Girlfriend

Dear Enthusiastic Girlfriend,

There is indeed a male G-spot. It’s located inside the anus and can be stimulated in much the same way women’s G-spots are – by utilizing a subtle ‘come hither’ motion with two fingers.

What you’ll actually be stimulating when you do this, is your boyfriend’s prostate. You should be able to find it by feeling around for something a couple of inches inside his anus that feels firm, bumpy and similar to a walnut.

Stimulating this in combination with his penis will help bring him to a very intense orgasm, something most men who’ve experienced, describe as the best orgasm of their lives.

This is largely because of all the nerve endings in this area. In fact, the entire area in and around the anus is covered in nerve endings that can deliver great pleasure when touched. 

The main thing you need to know about inserting anything into your partner’s anus is that, unlike the vagina, it is not self-lubricating, which means it’s absolutely essential you incorporate some lube, such as KY Jelly. The area inside the anus is also incredibly delicate and prone to tearing, so it’s equally important to ensure you have trimmed, clean nails before going anywhere near it.

If you’d like more detail on exactly how to go about giving your man a G-spot orgasm, I’ve made a video about it, here:

Happy pleasuring!

Nadia xx

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