How to Ask for a Pay Rise

March 14, 2014
Pay Rise

You’ve been putting in the hours and you know you deserve a pay rise. However, asking for that rise can be tricky and intimidating. The best way to ask for a pay rise is to go into the conversation as prepared as possible, so you can handle the situation and anything your boss throws at you. Here are some tips for asking for a pay rise (and good luck!).

Know Your Worth

Before you consider even bringing up a rise to your employer, you need to know what your position is worth.Do some research about what your type of job is paid, and factor in what you have done for the business, any additional training you have had and any new skills picked up. Look on LinkedIn, seek out job ads for similar roles and hit up industry websites where you can post the question on forums. Employers are more likely to entertain numbers that have logic behind them.

Prepare For The Conversation

After you have an idea of what you should be asking for, prepare for how you plan to approach your employer. Write down the accomplishments you’ve had during your time working with the company, any major projects you’ve worked on, any customers you’ve brought in, any sales, leads or growth attributed to you. The more you can present, the better your case will be. The point of this is to reiterate your value to the company and why you are worth the rise.

Consider The Right Time

Keep in mind that your employer is, just like you, human. Make sure you make an appointment and plan for a time that is convenient for them. Try and avoid hectic times, such as around the end of a quarter or when they’re stressed.

Presentation Is Key

Once you have a chance to sit down with your boss, you should approach your presentation seriously. Dress appropriately, be organised and prepared. There could be a lot riding on the line for asking for a rise – you may not get another chance to ask for a raise until the next quarter or budget.

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