Ask These Questions To Dramatically Increase Your Chance Of Landing The Job

February 21, 2018

So you want the job? All you need is a little confidence, and these four questions…

Job interviews aren’t particularly fun.

Just about everything about the process feels painfully awkward and contrived, typically resulting in our morphing from a normal adult human to a brainless zombie who can’t remember their own name, or what day it is.

They asked me why I want this job… Oh, God…WHY DO I WANT THIS JOB??!! I can’t remember! What is time?!! Speak! Speak, you dim-witted fool!

Thankfully there’s a silver lining. For starters, interviewers know the process is incredibly uncomfortable and oftentimes grueling, so will make allowances for nerves, small slip-ups and awkward lulls in the conversation. And secondly, studies show most of us rate our performance far worse than it actually was. So lighten up, they didn’t hate you as much as you think they did! Okay, well, maybe they didn’t…

Either way, most recruitment experts agree that if you simply work these four questions into your interview, you’ll significantly up your chances of landing the role…

1. “How will my success be measured in this role?”

Asking this question demonstrates a number of things. First and foremost, that you’re taking initiative and not going to be the type of employee who’ll sit back and wait for someone to steer you in the right direction. It also suggests you’re already envisioning yourself in the role, by using the wording “my success”, which shows confidence. And most importantly, it shows that you’re a results-focussed person who will be driven to hit company targets; a huge tick in the eyes of any potential employer.

2. “Tell me a bit about the company culture. What’s it like to work here?”

This is another question that shows you’re already envisioning yourself in this role, and more so, highlights you as being a team player and someone who is keen to fit in with office culture and cares about a company’s values. It asserts you as being a high-value employee who won’t just take any job for the paycheck, but who genuinely cares about working for a business whose culture is aligned with its goals. It’s also a great opportunity to find out if this job is truly going to be a fit for you.

3. “What are the company’s growth plans for future development?”

Asking this question really asserts you as a go-getter who won’t simply sit back and do the bare minimum. It shows you’re genuinely interested in the business itself, and is also a great chance for you to drop in some of your research on the company’s background.

4. “Is there anything holding you back from hiring me for this role?”

Yes, this one takes serious confidence to pull off, but it’s also a great question to end the interview on. Asking the interviewer if they have any concerns around your suitability for a particular role provides an opportunity for you to clear up any potential hesitations your future employer may have about you, and it also strongly communicates you’re driven to succeed and open to feedback; dream qualities in any potential employee.

To really seal the deal, send your interviewer a follow-up email the day after your interview to thank them for their time and the opportunity to apply for the role, and use it as a sneaky way to throw in an additional point that shows off your initiative and passion, such as, “I was thinking more about what we spoke about in the interview about upscaling and I think it’d be a great opportunity for me to really extend my leadership skills..”

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Comment: What question or tactic has scored you the job in an interview?


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