ASOS Stopped Airbrushing Models’ Stretch Marks And The Results Are Beautiful

July 3, 2017

All bow down to ASOS.

Shopping for lingerie and swimwear online can be a pretty depressing experience; spending hours looking at perfectly airbrushed models with impossibly Barbie-esque proportions and Insta-perfect skin. It’s enough to turn you off online underwear shopping altogether.

Thankfully, the online retail queens at ASOS have taken note; making the game-changing move of pulling back on their use of Photoshop and letting models’ stretch marks shine in their latest collection imagery.

It’s sad we have to make a big deal out of this, but it kind of is… I mean, have you ever seen stretch marks while shopping online? Neither have we.

Most women have ‘tiger stripes’ regardless of their size or age, but for some reason, they’ve been deemed a flaw by the media resulting in generations of women feeling insecure about their bodies.

We love the fact ASOS quietly added the photos without announcing the bold move – it’s only thanks to some observant online shoppers who praised the retailer on social media that the rest of the internet became aware of it.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of reactions have been nothing but positive, and in many cases, relieved and thankful to finally see ‘real’ (read: unretouched) women online, pointing out how beautiful the models looked.

The original tweet pointing out the unedited photos has been retweeted over 51,000 times, showing just how important these seemingly small steps towards promoting a more realistic body image are.

This isn’t the first time the British fashion juggernaut has been body-inclusive; having launched plus-size and tall ranges for both men and women in the past.

Here’s hoping more major fashion retailers follow suit and stop using Photoshop altogether, because the results are beautiful.

Images via twitter.com.

Comment: What’s your reaction to ASOS showing models’ stretch marks? 

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