What The Most Attractive Thing About You Is, According To Your Zodiac

March 26, 2019

Geminis are oh-so effervescent. 

We’ve all met those people we feel drawn to, but can’t quite put our finger on why.

They might not be the best looking people in the room, but there’s something so darn attractive about them that transcends appearances.

In reality, we’ve all got a quality about ourselves that, when revealed, can light up a room. Perhaps it’s your smile, your ability to laugh in the face of adversity, or your caring energy. Chances are, if you follow the zodiac, the following list of attributes will be pretty spot on when it comes to explaining why people love you…


Being a fire sign, it should come as no surprise that Aries gals often get noticed for their passion and intensity. Aries are very independent people who aren’t easily influenced by trends and peer pressure; they do their own thing and do it with gusto, and that makes them sexy as hell.


Grounded and natural-born leaders, Taureans are one of the most ambitious of the star signs, and as such, they tend to be hugely successful in whatever pursuit they set their minds to, a quality that makes them highly attractive.


As an air sign, Geminis can tend to be fairly fickle in love and in life, boring easily and endlessly chasing new novelties, but this also makes them one of the most fun zodiac signs to be around. Hands down, their most appealing quality is their playful, unpredictable, childlike nature.


Loving Cancerians draw people to them with their naturally nurturing side. They relish spending time with those they care about and would do anything for a friend or family member in need. It’s hard to spend time around a Cancerian and not fall in love with their warm, caring nature.


Arguably the biggest charmers in the zodiac, people find themselves gravitating to Leo’s charisma and energetic personality. Natural-born attention-seekers, Leos are often the life of the party and love to surround themselves with people who appreciate and admire them.


Cerebral virgos are crazy smart; a standout sexy quality, among their many other admirable traits. There’s nothing hotter than a Virgo being challenged intellectually; they’ll always rise to the occasion, as a star sign who gets a thrill out of problem-solving.


Most of us are good at hiding our more fragile sides and putting on a tough face, but Libras possess the rare and endlessly attractive quality of being unafraid to let their vulnerability shine through. And showing your softer side has huge benefits. Research is starting to show openly vulnerable people are happier and forge more meaningful relationships. What’s not attractive about that?!


Because they tend to flick between extremes (needy and independent, loving and cold), Scorpios always keep everyone guessing. Their unpredictable nature might be annoying sometimes, but most of the time it’s hot AF. Who wants to hang out with someone who’s super predictable?


It’s pretty hard not to be magneticaly drawn to Sagittarians’ warm, affectionate nature – easily their standout attractive quality. A Sagittarian deeply values their loved ones and lets them know it whenever possible. They don’t shy away from PDAs or expressing their feelings, so they always make those around them feel super special.


Determined Capricorns are people you can actually rely on, even when everyone else is flaking out on you. They’re the kind of people you can always depend on to lend a helping hand, and they’ll often do it without even being asked, and that’s what makes them so endearing.


Aquarians tend to look at the world a little differently to everyone else, and it makes people drawn to them like magnets. They have the ability to put their own unique twist on any situation, from the way they dress, to the way they relate to others and have a good time; Aquarians are unconventional in the very best of ways.


Selfless Pisceans would give the shirt off their back to someone if they felt it’d help them out. Their incredibly caring nature makes them genuinely pleasant people to be around. They also have a well-developed sense of intuition and seem to almost instinctively know when to offer a smile or a hug. It’s what makes them so goddam loveable.

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Comment: How accurate is your zodiac description when it comes to summing up your most attractive quality?


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