Besides an enviable line-up of regular contributors from around the world with serious opinionating skills, SHESAID has a staple team based in our global HQs who spend most of their days discussing the latest goss and their current fave celeb six-pack. It’s a hard life, but we’re willing to do it.

Nadia Bokody, Global editor


Nadia is a journalist and editor with a penchant for hoarding makeup and an opinion on just about everything who hasn’t given up hope she’ll one day marry Channing Tatum.

Follow Nadia on Twitter: @nadiabokody

Nadine Dilong, Style & beauty editor


Nadine is a writer who can usually be found behind a stack of fashion magazines, swooning over a Chanel handbag.

Follow Nadine on Twitter: @nadine_dilong

Arie Fontana, Sex & relationships editor


Arie is all about love, sex and crazy #lifegoals. Though she currently lives in Sydney, she feels most at home in New York City – and will sleep with whoever she needs to to get there.

Follow Arie on Twitter: @ariefontanasays

Natalie Slaughter, Content producer


Natalie is a former Texan currently living in LA who is passionate about LGBTQ issues, enjoys politics, cooking, comic books and spending more money than she should at ModCloth.

Follow Natalie on Twitter: @NatSlaughter

Elizabeth Laura Nelson, Content producer


Elizabeth lives in Brooklyn with her two daughters, occasional mice and innumerable to-do lists. She bakes a mean choc chip cookie and can always be persuaded to get up and sing at a karaoke bar.

Follow Elizabeth on Twitter: @AnotherAnnie

Sarah Friggieri, Subeditor


Sarah is a writer and subeditor with a penchant for the finer things in life, as well as a serious addiction to shoes, chocolate and travel.

Follow Sarah on Twitter: @journosarah

Megan Twine, Receptionist


Meg is SHESAID’s resident receptionist extraordinaire and a sprinkle-covered bakeaholic with a tendency to daydream about her next vacay.