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August Beauty Favourites

August Beauty Favourites

1. Clarins Par Amour
Where would the world be without love? Without it, there would be no beauty, no dreams, no future. To celebrate all types of love, Clarins have come up with Par Amour: a light, feminine fragrance for all women. It contains top notes dominated by pink peppercorns and blackcurrants combined with the softness of sandalwood. To celebrate the fragrance of youth, Clarins have coupled Par Amour with Par Amour Toujours, a lighter, fresher fragrance for the younger woman. Similar to Par Amour, this fragrance has pink peppercorns and blackcurrants, but pink grapefruit and raspberry are infused to create the perfect fragrance for daughters, friends and young lovers.
RRP Par Amour $68.00, Toujours $49.00

2. Absolutely Gorgeous Get The Look Make-up Kits
Ever tried desperately to emulate celebrity looks with little success or struggled for years trying to figure out how to apply flawless makeup in your daily routine? In this era of high fashion, super models, and glossy magazines, every girl dreams of creating her own gorgeous look. Try this revolutionary new DIY makeup application kit to make this dream an achievable reality. Making up like your favourite celeb has been made easy with three ‘Get the Look’ Makeup kits: Sunkissed Goddess, Sping Beauty. Glamour Puss. Each ‘Get the Look’ make up kit contains the professional make up needed to achieve each of the looks, a step by step makeup guide, and a beaded makeup bag to delight your makeup collection.
RRP $129.95

3. Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour
Anyone who wears Max Factor?s Lipfinity swears by its colourfastness. It is a two step lip colour with PermaTone? which ensures up to ten hours continues wear without having to reapply! Apply the first coat, a lip paint, with the applicator and let it dry for a minute then apply the moisturising coat for shine. The colour will stay all day but if you love that continuous glossy sheen, reapply the topcoat as required.
RRP $29.95

4. Natural Compatibles Applishade
This is a great eye shadow for the upcoming Spring season. Natural Compatibles have formulated Applishade, a shimmering eye shadow that can also double as a eye liner. The spring loaded applicator always ensures the colour is ready to wear as the powder is protected deep inside the cap. Highlight eyelids, cheeks, or wherever you want to add a bit of shimmer and sparkle this season.
RRP $19.95

5. Pearls of Zanzibar Instant Radiance
The exotic coastal town of Zanzibar is the inspiration behind the Pearls of Zanzibar beauty range. These gorgeous products use Beautecap? technology ? tiny twist top capsules that ensure you receive the right dose of cream and that it doesn?t get exposed to excess humidity, oxygen and environmental damage. The Instant Radiance is a favourite: it’s light and smooth texture absorbs perfectly into the skin and is great for reducing the appearance of blemishes and other skin imperfections.
RRP $39.95

6. Colourful Model Co Wonderfull Lip Plumper
Anyone who is a fan of the Model Co Lip Plumper is going to love this: they?ve now got colour! Yep, you can get those gorgeous bee stung lips in shades of fiery red, hot pink, warm chestnut, hot cocoa and beige spice. Celebs such as Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow & Lindsay Lohan all swear by this product. Ingredients such as organic ginger and capsicum oil naturally stimulate the production of collagen to plump lips safely and easily.
RRP $24

7. Lux Body Washes
Our favourite beauty queen, Jennifer Hawkins has signed on to be the face (and body) for Lux Body Washes. She follows prestigious pedigrees, formally Lux girls include Sophia Loren, Linda Evangelista, Sarah Jessica Parker & Giselle Bundchen. The Lux body washes are luxurious and sensuous which is why the Lux marketing manager, Michelle Hine, believes Jennifer is perfect in her new role. ?It?s not only her star quality that makes Jennifer perfect for the role, she also epitomises the LUX Lady; she?s comfortable and confident in her femininity, experienced in the ways of the world and understands how style and beauty really work.? Today, there are eight different colours and fragrances in the Shower Gel and Body Wash range including Fruit Boost Berry Frappe Shower Gel and Aromatherapy Spice Body wash. All of the body washes and shower gels use natural ingredients and extracts from aromatherapy oils, fruit, herbs and spices.
RRP $5.49. Available from pharmacies and supermarkets nationally.
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