August Horoscopes

August 2, 2010

August Horoscopes

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Venus and Mars unite in your relationship zone making you naturally attuned to your partner’s needs. Compromises and agreements will be easily reached. Singles also benefit from the union of the zodiacs most passionate lovers, and with Saturn nearby, things could quickly develop into a serious commitment. Professional and financial rewards are side benefits.


Venus and Mars are weaving romantic magic, but you may be preoccupied with work duties and attending to chores around the home. Work colleagues and managers may be asking too much of you. You keenly appreciate there are more things in life than work, and frankly this is one time you would rather be doing them. It might be time to draw a line in the work sandpit.


It wasn’t that long ago that Mercury caused havoc and disrupted your equilibrium. The dust having only just settled, your home, family and domestic routines are likely to be thrown into chaos yet again. Living is a messy business so some of this chaos is normal, but if you are in the middle moving house, or renovating and trying to juggle 25 extra things before breakfast, try to get as much done as you can before the 20th.


Whether attending to chores, having a dinner party or preparing the garden for spring planting, your nest is where your heart is this month. Work will require your attention too, with a professional surprise in store. In both arenas you have the opportunity to show off your unique creative talents. There is a lot happening in your life now, but deep down you may be given to philosophical ponderings.


It’s your birthday which is normally when you shine. Being centre stage comes naturally to you, so plan a celebration, perhaps a warming dinner party, or an evening out dancing. Social activities are highlighted throughout August, plus you may decide to take up a new hobby, or start a creative project that you have been mulling over. Enrolling in a short course might be the ticket.


News about an overdue pay rise or welcome bonus gives you a boost while Venus and Mars help you to focus on your most important priorities. Mercury retrogrades on the 20th ensuring you focus on details, but don’t overdo it! This is one time when less is actually more. You may be too close to see the forest. Liaise with a far sighted Aries or Sagittarian for a wider perspective.


This is a great month, though being as meticulous as you are it’s a question of whether you consider the glass half full, or half empty. Your attitude is the key ingredient as to how your recipe turns out. Well meaning advice from others may only serve to complicate matters. You are the master chef in this production, so politely thank them for their input then tell them to get out of your kitchen.


Like lost luggage going around and around on a carousel, you may have to claim ownership when something, or someone from the past comes back into your life. You might have to sort through this emotional baggage to fully understand what was left behind and why, because something valuable may have been packed away. This could be just the ticket to jettison the past and reclaim what is rightfully yours.


You are in a position of leadership and you can count on the support of colleagues and your community. Possible misunderstandings after the 20th could be disruptive however, when something important is overlooked. You are so aware of the big picture that it can be difficult to focus on the small stuff. Gain some perspective by talking it over with a Virgo, but don’t assume they will attend to your details.


With Saturn in Libra some big decisions are about to be made. It’s time for you to step up and claim your turf. Your new green pasture may involve a tree change or adopting a fresh lifestyle. Options are available, but the main challenge you now face is that your priorities are undergoing a major transformation. Finding a special niche and striking a work-life balance is your creative goal now.


Mid-winter blues can be especially tough for Aquarians. Sunshine is what you need. With Venus and Mars in your travel zone, and with your relationship zone under equally sunny aspect, getting away for a mid-winter break is just what the astrologer ordered. Whether visiting old friends, or making new ones, this is a great time for getting up close and personal, plus it will help you stay warm.


The Pisces full moon on the 24th ushers you to a new seat in the theatre of your life. The position you now occupy is unique, for Venus and Mars are seated close by which makes you feel completely at ease and totally comfortable with those close to you, even if you have only just met. The stage is set for a special and moving experience.

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