Aussies Choosing Food Over Sex

June 26, 2014
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Are you so stressed and in need of soul food you’d rather devour a three-course meal than have sexYou’re not alone – a recent survey of up to 1200 Australians has found we’re choosing food over sex. The survey, conducted by leading online food retailer, The Gourmet, has shown 76 per cent of Australians would choose a three-course meal over sex on a Friday night.

Sex and relationships expert Isiah Mckimmie said stressful lives and competing priorities was the reason behind the preference for gastro-porn over a good bedroom romp. However, she stressed the two can go together. “The anticipation of both sex and food releases dopamine in the body – so both can give us pleasure,” Ms Mckimmie says.

“There are so many health benefits of sex, so a good sex life is just as important as a nutritious diet. Try connecting with your partner over a gourmet meal and you’ll see the benefits in the bedroom.”

The survey was conducted among 1177 Australians, comprised of 54 per cent women and 46 per cent men. The Gourmet general manager Maria Gruttulini says Australians’ access to some of the world’s most amazing produce and best chefs saw us satisfy our tastebuds over our sexual desires. And Ms Gruttulini says popular cooking TV shows such as MasterChef Australia and My Kitchen Rules and the rise of chefs as sex symbols is further proof that fine food has become an instrumental part of our lives.

“Consumers want to recreate the same culinary experience in their own kitchens as they experience while dining out or on cooking shows,” she says. “We’ve noticed a growing demand from consumers for gourmet meat and high-quality fresh produce.”

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By Nicole Carrington-Sima

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