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How To Deal With The Post-Holiday Blues

Whether you’re returning from an extensive trip abroad or simply lamenting about a short trip interstate, there’s no denying that the post-holiday blues are a serious part about returning home.

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Maybe it’s adjusting to your old schedule that makes the transition tough, but don’t let it get you down! We share a few of our own tips to settle back into your ‘normal’ life, and find a happy medium between your trip and co-existing back home.

Don’t deny these new changes

Especially if you’re taking a trip in your early twenties, it can be most difficult to adjust back into your everyday routine at home. Work, friendships, studying and relationships are all factors that will change as your perceptions of the world have been widened.

Take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone in your feelings! Everyone who has ever travelled goes through these feelings and you can learn to embrace them into your daily life.

Go through your photos and videos…within reason

One of the best parts of going on a trip (other than the memories), is definitely the pictures and videos you accumulated along the way. Make sure to keep them in a safe place (and make extra copies) so they don’t get lost on your phone on laptop in a digital detox.

Going through travel pictures is a great way to reflect on your trip and even get you prepared for the next one! If you’re on the crafty side, why not compile a scrapbook or collage of your travels? It’s a fantastic way to commemorate your travels and keep them as a constant reminder in the house. A music playlist or laying out your souvenirs are also great ideas!

Stay present

Many of us can get caught in the vicious cycle of sitting at home and remembering better days spent in another country. It’s important to get out there and enjoy the life you’re living now! Stay in the present and find new bars, restaurants and cafes in your current city – it’s always great to explore and stumble upon new things.

Jump on Instagram and see what’s opened up while you’ve been away – it’s so quick and easy, especially if you’re strapped for time.

Take care of your body

Odds are you treated yourself to pizza, gelato and pasta (well, we certainly did) on your time abroad. Instead of beating yourself up over those extra kilograms, make some healthy changes in your life.

Grab a friend and try a dance class, yoga, or something you’ve always wanted to do. It will definitely keep you healthy and feeling positive.

Start thinking about your next destination

Whether it’s six months or one year from now, start thinking about your next travel destination. This way, you will have something positive to look forward to and can begin the planning all over again!

What are some of your tips to beat the post-holiday blues?

Image via Worldette

Interview With Timberland Boots Buyer, Kevin Luong

There is no denying that Timberland boots are one of the biggest throwback trends of the early 2000s. Back and bigger than ever, Timberland is again conquering footwear with their old classics, and a number of new and contemporary designs.

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SHESAID chatted with buyer Kevin Luong about the iconic style, how to style your own pair, and what’s coming up in 2015.

Why do you think Timberland’s are so iconic?

Timberland didn’t set out to create a fashion icon or to be iconic. The yellow boot was born for function, form and craftsmanship for a hard working New Englander.

Over the years the boot gained a following and wearing the yellow boot meant you ready to chase your dreams and also stands a symbol of individuality. That’s what the ‘Boot Your Dream’ project was created to inspire young people to pledge their commitment to pursuing their own dreams.

Collaborations has also played a part of being so iconic, with collaborations such as Staple Design in 2007, Mastermind Japan in 2011 and Billionaire Boys Club in 2014.

Interview With Timberland Buyer Kevin Luong

What are some of the best ways to style Timberland’s for men and women?

Timberland’s shoes are classic, timeless and can’t be overstated. Some of the best ways to wear them are to wear them loosely, not tying the laces too tight. Timberlands are best worn with tapered or skinny pants and if you’re daring, with printed shorts. With the variety of colours available these can be dressed down or dressed up.

Could you share some of the most popular styles with our readers?

Our most popular style would have to be the Timberland 6′ Premium Boot. They come in a variety of colours and textures. Also trending is the Newmarket II Cup 6′ which all come in premium leathers for the next season.

Interview With Timberland Buyer Kevin Luong

Where can our purchase a pair of their own Timberland’s?

You can purchase footwear and apparel from Timberland Emporium and Timberland, Chapel Street.

What’s next for Timberland in 2015? Tell us your secrets!

The next trend for Timberland 2015 is Modern Trail, where conditions are unpredictable. Dressing from work to play, night to day and sun to rain. Timberland is all about outfitting for the unknown, empowering outdoor life stylers with the style and versatility they need for the modern trail.

Images via We Heart It, ASOS

TGIF: Frozen Jalapeno Margarita Recipe

Treat yourself to an afternoon drink just in time for the weekend. One of our favourite cocktails is a classic margarita, but this frozen jalapeno version is just as good (if not better!). Feel free to add some of your favourite sweet fruits into the mix, such as mango and strawberry.

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3/4 cup tequila

2 jalapenos

1/3 cup Triple sec

1/3 cup lime juice

1/3 cup lemon juice

2 cups ice cubes


  1. Chop the jalapenos and infuse them in the tequila for 30-40 minutes. Combine all the rest of the ingredients (with ice), then blend until smooth.
  2. Rim glasses with salt, then pour in the mixture. Serve with jalapeno rounds and chilli flakes for an extra kick!

Image via Heather Christo

3 Quick And Easy Pasta Bake Dishes

Pasta bake dishes are quick and easy to prepare, especially if you’re hosting some picky eaters. Customise each dish with some of your favourite vegetables, seasoning and even types of pasta which the family find most appealing. Below are just three dishes which are filling, and certainly make for a yummy dinner during winter!

Tuscan Spaghetti Pasta Bake

If you love a classic Italian bolognese sauce, then this is definitely one recipe you need to try for yourself. Packed with beef, ricotta cheese and a classic Italian seasoning for an authentic homemade taste. Don’t forget to pair with your favourite wine to complete the meal.

3 Easy Pasta Bake Dishes

Chilli Pasta Bake

For a healthier alternative try using wholemeal pasta which won’t leave you feeling bloated! Top off the dish with chives, cherry tomatoes and a touch of parmesan cheese for a yummy dinner option.

3 Easy Pasta Bake Dishes

Baked Gnocchi with Bacon and Tomato

In need of some comfort food after a long and stressful day? Start with a few packets of ready-made gnocchi, especially if you’re pressed for time – then prepare the sauce by frying the bacon and adding the tomatoes. Include a splash of cream to give the sauce a thicker consistency.

3 Easy Pasta Bake Dishes

Images via Simply Delicious Food, Adventure Foodz, Windy Kitchen

10 Travel Makeup Kit Essentials

Planning the trip of your dreams is easy, but packing is another story! Don’t bring your entire makeup kit in your carry-on luggage, instead make sure to have these ten essentials which you’re sure to use every single day.

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A small eyeshadow palette with a few different options is a great way to switch-up your look on holiday. You can apply them with your fingers if they’re made from a cream formula.


If you love extra long lashes, don’t leave home without your trusty mascara. Just one coat is enough to transform your look on those days where a full-face of makeup just isn’t an option. Choose a waterproof formula that won’t transfer on your lids from the heat.


A shimmery cream blush is another essential which can be used in a few different ways. Apply it over your cheekbones as a highlighter or even as a lip gloss!

Matte lip pencil

Make sure to carry one bright lip pencil in your kit for evenings out or chilled drinks on holiday. Matte formulas last for hours without transferring and can be applied with your fingers.


Carry a bronzer in your kit to add some glow to your skin whilst on holiday. You can also use a bronzer in conjunction with your foundation to create a darker shade to match your sun tan.

Translucent powder

Help your makeup stay in place all day with a translucent setting powder. Apply it over your finished makeup and lightly over your t-zone, chin, and cheeks.


For those days when your face requires just a little bit of coverage, use a concealer to hide dark circles and blemishes. Make sure your concealer matches the colour of your skin and dab lightly onto the surface for best coverage.

Oil blotting sheets

Especially if you’re travelling during the summer, make sure you have a pack of oil blotting sheets in your makeup kit. They can absorb excess oil and will keep your makeup looking fresh all day.

Eyelash curlers

Give your lashes an extra boost with a pair of curlers. Just make sure to change the pads before you jet off!

Setting spray

A small bottle of setting spray is a must-have for oily skin types since it will keep your foundation looking matte from day to night. Simply mist your face, then let it dry naturally.

Did we miss any other travel essentials? Comment your favourites below!

Image via In The Frow

Would You Ever Daily Vlog Your Life?

Chances are you haven’t heard of Judy Travis or Anna Saccone-Joly. They might not be household names just yet, but more than 1 million collective viewers log on each night to watch their daily vlogs. What is a daily vlog you ask? They are often a short 20-30 minute video about their day – whether it involves spending time with the children, attending an event or even buying furniture.

As you may have guessed, these two families are just some of the many vloggers on YouTube who are earning a 6-figure income from their daily vlogs. But the question is – would you ‘tune’ into their daily webisodes or even daily vlog your own life?

How did it start?

Both Judy Travis and Anna Saccone-Joly started making beauty videos on their own respective YouTube channels, and as their channel views grew so did personal interest from their viewers.

The act of vlogging, merely means that you’re recording your day informally – rather than creating a video which has been planned out or even sponsored. Fellow vloggers from around the world joined in this phenomenon, quit their day jobs and now live off the income they receive from YouTube, advertising and sponsored videos.

Can you build a career from YouTube?

Absolutely. Once your channel receives a certain number of subscribers (it’s typically 1000), then you can sign up to the Partner program. This means that all the content in your videos is original and only royalty-free music can be used. Now, vloggers receive income from advertisements displayed before a video starts, and even from promotion by big brands. Most recently the Saccone-Jolys have been represented by a London-based talent agency which will help them to manage their career, as well as possible business deals relating to their brand.

What’s the catch?

While the entire world of vlogging on YouTube seems too good to be true, it all comes down to hard work and dedication. If you want to create a channel, you have to be clear about your intentions, disclose when your content has been sponsored, find your own niche and be consistent with your content. As with any job, there is no fast way to success and you can’t go around buying subscribers – YouTube just doesn’t work like that. Vlogging is a daily commitment which is often more gruelling than releasing 2-3 planned videos a week. You must always be on time, and have daily content which will be edited and uploaded around the same time every single day.

What do I need for high-quality videos?

One of the most important investments is a good camera. Would you want to watch something with a blurry screen and poor audio? A camera, tripod and good lighting are just some of the best tools an up-and-coming vlogger needs to create quality videos.

Image via Seattle Met

5 Lipstick Shades For Fall Weather

In preparation for fall, it’s time to embrace darker shades and lipstick is the best place to start. Put away those sheer lipsticks and swap them for matte formulas which stay on longer and are extremely pigmented. Shop from a few of our favourite brands below, and don’t forget to comment with some of your must-have’s in the comment section!

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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Stalker, $18

If you’re looking for something a little different and long-lasting, try this opaque lip colour which lasts for hours without transferring.

5 Lipstick Shades For Fall Weather

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Bahau5, $21

Coat your lips with this pigmented lip shade which is perfect for the winter weather. Use a lip liner for a precise line, then fill in the rest with a brush pencil.

5 Lipstick Shades For Fall Weather

Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Lips & Cheeks in Nude Insolent, $40

Try this lightweight mousse formula which glides on easily and keeps lips moisturised for hours. The applicator is easy to use, and the colour selection is ideal for all occasions.

5 Lipstick Shades For Fall Weather

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl, $26

A cult-favourite, the velvet matte lip pencil by Nars is the perfect product for beginners. It combines the convenience of a pencil and a lipstick to carefully line the lips and fill them using the same product!

5 Lipstick Shades For Fall Weather

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural in N28 Purple, $20

N28 is the perfect shade of purple and glides effortlessly onto the lips for a perfect application each and every time.

5 Lipstick Shades For Fall Weather

Image via Brit.co

How To Style Chevron Print

Add a little spice to your wardrobe with one of the most versatile prints around, chevron. Not only is it so easy to style in both summer and winter, but it’s the perfect option for those who want to experiment with their style.

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Try this funky 3/4 blouse for the office, which is sure to work with the rest of your wardrobe. It is made from a light and breezy fabric, perfect for the summer or winter layering.

How To Style Chevron Print

Shift dress

Incorporate this shift dress into your trans-seasonal wardrobe and layer it with a denim jacket, a light scarf, or even wear it in summer. The longer sleeves are perfect for those cool summer nights!

How To Style Chevron Print


Experiment with your shoes and go for this beautiful chevron print which will make monochrome outfits pop! A closed-toe is perfect for special events or even appropriate for the office.

How To Style Chevron Print

Wrap dress

Keep it classy with this stunning wrap dress for special occasions or dinner and drinks. It is the perfect style for all body shapes since it carves out your waist, but at the same time isn’t too bodycon.

How To Style Chevron Print


Complete your outfit with this lightweight chevron scarf, which is a staple piece for any trans-seasonal wardrobe. Wear it as a snood, and keep warm and cozy despite the wind and rain!

How To Style Chevron Print

Images via UOI Online, Sors Luxe, Style Estate, With Love From Kat, The Wandering Gypsy

Are Sugar Sprays The New Sea Salt Sprays?

Does your hair sit flat and lifeless without texture? Sugar sprays are one of the newest beauty trends that can give hair body and bounce without the crispy residue. Dubbed as the new sea salt sprays, they are made from concentrated amounts of sugar extracts which can help to strengthen the hair follicle, and make it thick and bouncy!

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How do they work?

Sugar sprays work in the same way a traditional salt spray would: spritz into dry or damp hair, then leave to air-dry naturally for best results. Sugar sprays are actually better for your hair since they don’t leave a sticky residue and will make your hair shine (in the good way!).

Does your hair sit flat and lifeless without texture? Sugar sprays are one of the newest beauty trends which can give hair body and bounce without the crispy residue.

They are also designed for fine hair types since they create the volume of added texture, making each strand look thick and healthy. Concentrate most of the spray on the mid-section to the bottom of your hair, then massage gently with your fingers to create added volume. You could also dry your hair on a cool temperature to speed-up the process if you’re in a hurry to leave the house.

Where can I get a sugar spray?

Depending on your price range, there are high end options plus a great variety available at the drugstore.

Keratin Complex Sweet Definition Texturising Sugar Mist, $17

Apply the spray to small sections of your hair, then use a diffuser to create the illusion of body and texture in your hair.

Are Sugar Sprays The New Sea Salt Sprays?

Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Shock, $18.99

Or you could make your own elixir using water and sugar and concentrating it mainly on the ends of your hair. For extra lift at the roots, stick to a sea salt spray; or combine the two for a unique look!

Are Sugar Sprays The New Sea Salt Sprays?

Images via A Beautiful Mess, Refinery 29

Makeup Trends And How They’re Affecting Your Skin

Ever find that your skin has reacted negatively after wearing a new product or makeup style? To avoid this, use products which work well with your skin type and always remove your makeup by double-cleansing before going to bed. In the meantime, below are a few makeup trends that could be destroying your skin.

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Other than the harmless panda eyes the next morning, sleeping with your mascara can actually cause lashes to become brittle and shed at a faster rate. To avoid this from happening, remove your makeup with a micellar water or cleanser and don’t rub your eyes.

Full coverage foundation

Using a full coverage foundation on a daily basis clogs pores and could only further aggravate existing acne spots and blemishes. Instead, use a lightweight BB cream to even out your skin tone and save the full coverage foundation for special events or nights out.

Matte lipstick

While matte lipstick might last longer without an occasional touch-up, the dryness could be destroying the moisture and natural oils in your lips. Before applying a matte lipstick, make sure to properly exfoliate and moisturise your lips so they don’t dry out.


Ever find that your highlighter leaves little red bumps under your skin after wearing it all day long? This usually happens with cream formulas which are layered over full coverage foundations for hours on end. Remember, less is more when it comes to shimmery skin!

Expired makeup

Who knew that most makeup actually comes with an expiration date. If your mascara has dried up, foundation is starting to separate, and your lipstick feels dry and stale, it’s time to get rid of them.

Image via Pinterest

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Shape

Whether you want to flaunt or flatter, knowing your shape is key to looking and feeling fabulous on your wedding day. So when it comes to choosing that perfect gown, it pays to have an expert on your side. In her 11 year career, White Lily Couture style director and bridal expert, Alera Kingham, has helped countless brides select their dream dress, fitting a wide range of figures and styles.

Here, she shares her top tips with SHESAID for choosing a gown that is sure to keep everyone guessing!

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The hourglass figure is the perfect feminine shape, with beautiful curves and a well-defined waistline. Emphasising the waist by choosing styles that are fitted through the hip and thigh will really make your figure pop.

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Shape

Apple Shape

Women with apple-shaped figures often have a fuller bust and mid-section, with slimmer thighs and hips. The key to an apple-shaped figure is to create the illusion of curves by using structure. Look for gowns with boning and well fitted lines through the bodice. A line, ball gown or empire lines are perfect as they enhance your bust and balance the lower body creating the illusion of curves to die for.

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Shape


Petite women are often below the average height of 1.65m, and want to appear longer or leaner in their appearance. If you’re a petite bride it’s important to take your height and proportions into consideration when selecting gowns. If you have your heart set on a mermaid dress, try a fit and flair or a fitted sheath style to elongate your figure. Styles such as Jillian, by De Lanquez, will give you that sexy fit through the body without compromising your height.

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Shape

Images via When Elephant Met Zebra

Throwback Thursday: What Is The Banting Diet?

The Banting Eating Plan is a weight loss program adapted by William Harvey which ultimately relies on high fat, and low carbohydrates for optimum weight loss. This may seem a little startling if you’re coming from a balanced diet, but is used in a variety of modern weight loss programs including the popular Atkins diet.

The idea of banting refers to keeping a low-carbohydrate diet which focuses on consuming foods high in fat, and feeding your body what it deserves. A few main objectives include eating sugar in moderation, and cooking most of your main meals from scratch.

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Which foods are allowed?

Banting encourages the consumption of high fat (avocado, eggs, olive oil, fatty fish), moderate protein (salmon, lentils, chicken), plus a variety of leafy green and crunchy vegetables which should be used as snacks to fuel the body.

Although this sounds relatively easy from a beginners point of view, most foods should be cooked from scratch so you know exactly what ingredients they contain.

Which foods are not encouraged?

Since this is a high fat, low carbohydrate diet, the consumption of grains don’t find any place within banting. If you’re finding it difficult to cut them out or go cold-turkey, switch to whole grains since they are a much healthier alternative.

Similarly, sugar (both natural and artificial), is also discouraged since it is viewed as an addiction. The same rule applies for fruit; rather than thinking of fruit as a healthy snack throughout the day, it is viewed as a sweet instead. Keep fruit to a minimum, and enjoy a crunchy vegetable as a substitute.

How does banting actually work?

The idea of banting seeks to eliminate unnecessary eating or snacking, and focuses on a clean diet which is made mostly from scratch. It is an entire lifestyle change which doesn’t encourage the consumption of processed foods, fruits, sugar and grains for a long and healthy life. Combined with regular exercise and physical activity, banting will get your body back on track without loading on the extra kilograms.

Are there any side effects?

Since sugar is not encouraged, many people usually feel tired, experience intense migraines, suffer from an upset stomach, and even have the symptoms of withdrawal decreases sugar levels. This is often referred to as the low-carb flu, and will only last a short period of time. To combat this, get involved in swimming, running, or yoga which will get your natural energy back.

Image via All For Women

3 Sydney Food Festivals Happening This Spring

Everyone knows that Sydney in the spring in the best place to be with a plethora of food, drink and dessert festivals taking place over the next few months. Don’t miss out on our favourites below, which are sure to be the highlight of your year!

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Smooth Festival of Chocolate

Where: The Rocks

Are you a self-proclaimed chocoholic? Don’t miss the annual Smooth Festival of Chocolate which brings together boutique chocolatiers, pastry chefs and ice cream makers into one convenient place.

3 Sydney Food Festivals Happening This Spring

When: Saturday September 12: 10am-8pm

Sunday September 13: 10am-5pm

Cost: Free entry

Night Noodle Markets

Where: Hyde Park

Good Food Month kicks off in October and is followed by a number of delicious food and drink festivals that are ideal for the foodie-in-training. With over 50 food stalls to choose from in Sydney’s Hyde Park, you will be spoiled for choice!

night noodel markets

When: October 8-25

Cost: Free entry


Where: aMBUSH Gallery, Level 3, 28 Broadway Central Park (Chippendale)

If you suffer from a major sweet tooth, Sweetfest is a must-try after a satisfying dinner in the city. Whether you like your dessert fried, iced, creamed, or dusted, you’re going to find something tasty here.

3 Sydney Food Festivals Happening This Spring

When: October 17-18

Cost: $20 (includes masterclasses and a glass of Redbank Emily Brut Cuvee)

Images via Sydney Morning Herald, The Rocks, Time Out, Good Food

5 Natural Remedies For Menstrual Cramps

Sick and tired of nursing a tender back and upset stomach when it comes to that time of the month? Put away your usual ibuprofen and try some of these natural remedies which can cure even the worst menstrual cramps.

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Ginger tea

Swap green for ginger tea, which is actually proven to reduce pain over the length of your cycle. If the taste is too bitter at first, add one teaspoon of honey or a splash of lemon juice to make it sweeter.

Apple cider vinegar

Cleanse your body with a shot of apple cider vinegar which helps to regulate blood clotting and will relax the muscles of your uterus. It also helps to take some extra time off your cycle – who knew!

Fish oil

Supplements such as fish oil and other B vitamins are ideal if you’re looking for a long-term solution to chronic menstrual cramps. They specifically target fatigue, nausea, and headaches so you can get on with your day.


Enjoy 2 teaspoons of fresh oregano each morning before breakfast to cleanse your body and eliminate menstrual cramps. Oregano is packed with thymol and carvacrol which help to relax the uterus and decrease tension.

Heating pad

Finally, use a heating pad, which is a lifesaver if you suffer from back pain, abdominal cramping, or both! Simply warm it up in the microwave, wrap it in a tea-towel, then sit back and relax.

What are some of your natural remedies for menstrual cramps?

Image via Home Remedy Hacks

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