I Feel Overcome With Guilt For Taking Time Off Work For My Anxiety

I am doing this at the risk of people who may criticize or question me, because at least some part of me knows: If I don’t, something worse will happen to me, and soon. 

Why I’m A Relentless Overachiever

In my mind, if I do not incessantly succeed, people have no reason to rely on me. Believe in me. Love me.

Why I Must Commit To Self-Compassion

I worry that granting myself grace will make me feel, or become, selfish. 

My Evolving Relationship With Anxiety

Why does something as minor as not being able to find a parking spot cause my brain to issue these Code Red alerts?

How I’m Unlearning To People-Please

I learned to honor what I loved, even if society hadn’t prescribed it for me.

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