THIS Hack Makes Men Last 8 Times Longer In Bed (No, Really)

If your relationship has been affected by premature ejaculation, you need to read this.

I Wore Vibrating Panties And Now My Life Will Never Be The Same

It was not possible to keep a straight face while wearing them.

I’ve Lied At Every Job I’ve Ever Had

Dear Current Boss; I hope you’re not reading this.

18 Sex Positions You Really, Really Need To Try

I’ve already road-tested them all. You’re welcome.

I Spoke To An ‘Open Relationship Expert’ And My Mind Is Blown

Like most people, I’ve always wondered about open relationships and if the concept could work for me. Now I’m convinced.

Nikita Dragun Losing Subscribers: Why It Matters

Nikita Dragun losing subscribers on YouTube today in the thousands says a lot about the state of our culture right now.

21 Vagina Facts You NEED To Know

Number 18 may make you question your entire existence. Just sayin’.

Why I Got Naked To Make This Post

Clothes do not make the woman. Or do they…?

THIS Is How You Touch A Woman’s Breasts

There’s a right way, and a very wrong way to do it.

These Are The Features Guys Find The Sexiest, According To Science

Getting ‘checked out’ just took on a whole new meaning.

How To Finger A Girl Right (Because You’re Doing It Wrong)

How to finger a girl 101: Our clitoris is not like the rapid fire button on your PS4 controller. 

All The Things I Learned Wearing A ‘Naked Bra’ For A Week

Spoiler alert: it was exhausting, and my boyfriend was genuinely confused.

7 Hacks For Reinvigorating Your Dead Sex Life

Take your dead sex life from boring to oh-so orgasmic with these surprisingly easy hacks.

7 Unbelievably Cheap Sex Toys For Broke Horny Girls

When you need to get off but you’re broke AF.

I Tried A 24 Carat Gold-Plated Vibrator And It CHANGED. MY. LIFE.

Could a designer sex toy treat my vagina to a designer orgasm? I was about to find out…

These Real-Life Threesome Sex Stories Will Get You Crazy Turned-On

“They were full of energy – and insatiable. I didn’t have to do any work I didn’t want to – they did it all.”

6 Things Couples Who Know How To Fight Fair Do

Spoiler alert: it’s not about winning or being right.

6 Signs Your Partner Is A Manipulative Person

Ever feel confused about where you stand, or like you’re being taken advantage of? Read on.

What I Learned From Having 7 One-Night-Stands In 7 Days

Sometimes you need to taste all the colors of the rainbow…

The Christmas Drinking Game We’re SO Playing This Year

If this doesn’t make your Christmas merry, nothing will.

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