How To Avoid Dry Skin In Winter

July 1, 2015
winter skin

Winter in Australia might not be as cold as in a lot of other places, but the cooler temperatures can still play havoc with your skin. To me, a sure sign that winter is here is when I start using my hand cream several times a day because my hands feel dry and flaky.

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The same goes for most other body parts, especially the face. Of course you can simply switch to a richer skin cream and keep moisturising, but there are many other things that you can do to avoid dry winter skin. Samantha Taylor, beauty director at Bellabox shared a few great tips with us on how to combat winter skin:


This is key for luminous skin in cold conditions. Dry skin can impede your moisturiser or serum from absorbing into the skin. Exfoliate once a week if you have oily skin, twice a week if you have dry skin as it stimulates moisture and cell production. Look for an exfoliant with fruit acids such as AHA or BHAs, the tiny plastic spheres in physical exfoliators are being discovered in major bodies of water around the world and can be ingested by fish.

Skip hot showers

As much as a scalding hot shower feels amazing in the morning, it can actually rob the epidermis of oil, your skins natural protectant, leading to dry flaky perhaps even itchy skin. Hot water is not great for the fine capillaries on the face either, so aim for a warm shower rather than cranking up the hot water. If you are really tough, finish off with a blast of cold water to get your circulation pumping.

Moisturise your body

The skin is the body’s largest organ and it is often neglected, especially in winter. Apply a moisturiser when you get out from the shower to lock the moisture in. Don’t forget your feet and hands, slather on a thick moisturiser before bed and pop on a pair of cotton socks and/or gloves. Not very sexy, but your feet and hands will soak up the moisture overnight and you will wake up with lovely soft digits.

Invest in a humidifier

The combination of dry winter air and heating and then moving between the two can really dry your skin out. A humidifier increases the level of humidity in your home by putting moisture back into the air. Not only are humidifiers great for keeping your skin moist, they help keep colds at bay and may even stop snoring!

And remember, diet plays an important role as well. Besides drinking enough water, eating avocados and nuts will support your skin’s ability to lock in moisture thanks to their high level of antioxidants. Following these great tips, you’ll do your skin a big favour this winter.

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