How To Avoid Premature Ageing

May 28, 2014
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Rather than depending on miracle cures which promise to reduce signs of premature ageing, be proactive with your skincare regime and try to live in a way which will benefit your health. The best way is to work with what you’ve got, and try to give a little more tender loving care to the delicate skin on your face. The number one trick is the best and most effective; apply sunscreen onto your face every single day. Here are some other helpful tips you can apply to your skincare regime and keep signs of premature ageing at bay.

Sun damage

If you’re heading out to the beach or simply taking a leisurely stroll, remember to always apply sunscreen. Most sunscreens can fee oily and cast a white shadow across the face, but if this bothers you choose a foundation with a high SPF and this should do the trick instead. A wide-brim hat is the perfect way to protect yourself against the dangerous ultraviolet rays which penetrate deep into the skin. Continuous exposure to the skin is responsible for liver spots across the face and body. If you are planning a trip to the beach or park, avoid direct sunlight between 10am-3pm, this is when the suns rays can cause the most damage.

Stop smoking

Even if you aren’t a smoker yourself, being exposed to continuous second hand smoke is just as harmful. Wrinkles are more prominent in people who are smokers and are the number one sign of premature ageing. Smokers will also experience crow’s feet around the outer eyelid, droopy skin under the eyebrows and a large amount of defined lines on the forehead, than a non-smoker.


Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol has been proven to be toxic to a healthy, youthful appearance. Women who consume more than one standard drink a day run the chance of depriving their skin of nutrients, and dehydrating the body both inside and out. Avoid binge drinking since it is detrimental to both your skin and good health in general.


Moisturising your face and body on a day-to-day basis is the best way to avoid any lines and wrinkles coming through. Not only do they help the skin to retain more water, but keep it firm and tight throughout the day and night. Use a gentle cleanser on your face as part of a simple skincare routine, and choose a nourishing night cream to prevent skin from completely drying out. Avoid using soaps to wash your skin, since they are extremely drying and strip all natural oils from the surface. 

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