Here’s How To Avoid Period Leakage Freakage

August 14, 2019

I have self-diagnosed leakage freakage – and you probably do too.

In high school, my friendship circle started a wholesome ritual we called ‘Checking’.

We would alert the girls that morning if Aunt Flo was upon us and every time we stood up, the group would collectively (but subtly) check for any spotting.

Our school skirts made it relatively easy to see if any blood snuck through a pad or tampon,,, and it happened to me more than once.

My periods have always been unpredictable.

Sometimes, my period would be over and done with before surprising me the next week with a random clot. It’s one of those things my doctor is yet to figure out, but I am left to live with until further notice.

Nonetheless, the mystique of my menstruation has left me with a myriad of embarrassing stories and an adolescence full of leakage freakage.

I’ve bled through jeans, dresses and knickers like you wouldn’t believe. By now, I’m a professional at fashioning emergency pads out of toilet paper and you won’t find me without a spare pair of shorts when it’s flow time.

Even just last week, in my mid-twenties, I had a bad case of leakage freakage. I’d popped in a tampon before a quick trip to the local supermarket and was in the produce aisle when I stopped dead in my tracks.

My tampon was leaking.

Fortunately, I’ve taken my (dozens) of red-faced leaking moments and compiled the ultimate guide to avoiding period leakage freakage.

Learn from my mistakes and alleviate some of the anxiety that comes with a heavy period. Get ready to say goodbye to leakage freakage…

Always (and I mean ALWAYS) be prepared

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve placed too much trust in my uterus.

Confident that my body wouldn’t betray me, I’ve left the house with one pad to spare and wound up in a sticky situation (hence the remarkable talent at making pads out of toilet paper). At college, I even had to call a friend to deliver tampons under the bathroom door.

This is a very easy situation to avoid.

If you don’t have an emergency period kit, you really need one. Grab a cute little pouch and pack it with a spare pair of underwear, tampons, pads, menstrual cup and painkillers.

The real kicker here is remembering to refill it each month. Once you get into the habit, you won’t go anywhere without it and you (and your jeans) will thank me later.

leakage freakage

EDITOR RECOMMENDS: Modibodi Lunette Period Pack

Why you need it: Complete with two pairs of period-proof underwear and a menstrual cup, it’s the perfect eco-friendly period panic kit.

Get it here.

Dress for the occasion

Look, there are going to be situations where you can’t avoid getting dressed up when you’re on your period. I got my period the night before my prom and I can still remember the paranoia that came with having to wear light blue as my body bled.

For those times, I’m a big believer in relying on a tampon (or menstrual cup) and using a pad as the last line of defense.

If you are just going about your every day, why put added stress on yourself? Wearing dark colors can alleviate a lot of the anxiety around leakage freakage. It’s harder to see any spots and you won’t spend half your day trying to check down there to see if there’s been any spillage.

Thankfully we have the technology to period-proof our pants. You’ll never have to worry about leakage again if you’re wearing a pair of leak-proof leggings. Equal parts comfortable and convenient, they’ll make Aunt Flo’s visit a walk in the park.

leakage freakage

EDITOR RECOMMENDS: Modibodi Activewear 3/4 Leggings

Why you’ll love it: These are literally period-proof pants. You can go to the gym or do your groceries without worrying about leaky tampons or uncomfortable pads.

Get them here.

Sleep Tight

So one time I slept at a friends house and bled on her sheets. It was one of the most embarrassing mornings of my life.

Now when I’m on my period, I refuse to sleep in anyone’s bed but mine. I don’t know if I’ll recover from the shame of the incident but I do have a new life hack that will stop it from happening again.

First of all, never sleep with a tampon in. By leaving a tampon in for prolonged amounts of time, you seriously increase the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome which can have fatal side effects.

Instead, I tried period-proof panties – and they worked.

Some brands can hold between three and four tampons worth of blood, with no spillage, no odor and no sheet stains.

To be safe, I always pop a towel under me when going to sleep with a heavy period. There’s nothing worse than having to change your sheets while you’ve got period pain. Trust me.

leakage freakage

EDITOR RECOMMENDS: Modibodi Seamfree Full Brief

Why you’ll love them: These panties may not be much to look at but they’ll save you stressing about spots and spills. You’ll be able to get some much-needed sleep without staining your sheets.

Get them here. 

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