Babes in our own Backyard – Cleo Bachelor of the year 2002 (cont’d)

April 4, 2002

The SheSaid favourite was Jono West. And here’s a picture:Better luck next year Jono!Though the merry Merrick himself gave all the bachelors a run for their money by the time my third baby bottle of Piper was downed.

For the first time in history by the Cleo readers voted to the winners. And the runner up was Ewan Stewart, 25 from Tasmania. Ewan was quoted in Cleo as saying the best piece of advice his parents gave him as ‘Work hard, be thoughtful and kind to others and everything else will just fall into place.’ Surely this earns him the rightful title of the new Dougie the Pizza Boy?

The winner of this year’s Cleo Bachelor of the Year award was Paul Khoury, 27 from Victoria. Paul was quoted in Cleo as saying if he were a dog he’d be ‘A cocker spaniel, because they’re sooo cute that no-one blames

them for anything, even when they’re wrong – and I like the name.’Maybe he’ll buy himself one with the $10,000 winner’s cheque he earned when scooping the 2002 title?Congrats to all the finalists and thanks to Cleo and Nivea! God bless you Piper Heidseick.

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